Tuesday Ten: 001: Tracks of the Month (March 2007)

[Note: This is where my Tuesday Ten series started, almost exactly seven years ago. I’d done the occasional musical round-up prior to this, under the Tuesday Ten name, but this is where is became a regular series, and where the numbering of the posts started, too.


I’d like to think that my writing has improved – and certainly I’m a hell of a lot more verbose nowadays – but for me it’s interesting looking back at what I was into at the time. It should also be noted that occasional older songs appeared in the “Tracks of the Month” roundups to start with, eventually it became only new songs, and has since stayed that way. Adam, London, 01-March 2014]

Zombie Girl
Go Zombie
Blood, Brains and Rock’n’Roll

I couldn’t care less whether this lot are fashionable or not, it’s great fun, has it’s tongue firmly within it’s cheek and judging on the reaction so far, is going to be a big dancefloor hit. The album will be an interesting test of just how far this whole thing will go…

Front Line Assembly
Beneath the Rubble [Combichrist Remix]

A cracking remix, this – Combichrist gives this track a real shot in the arm. Not that there was anything wrong with the original, mind…

Machine Head
Aesthetics of Hate
The Blackening

Remember when Machine Head wrote really, really fucking good metal? Well, at long last Rob Flynn and the guys have finally remembered too. Listen to this track and see what I mean.

Electric Molecular [KMFDM death before taxes mix]

Ok, how did I not notice this before? I’ve heard of them, but never really paid much attention. So I dug out the odds and ends I had hanging around on compilations (this comes from Awake The Machines Vol.1)…and I’m now wondering quite how/why I missed out the first time around…

I Don’t Give A Fuck
This Is What We Seek

I first came across these guys on the last Das Bunker compilation, then bought the album and was raving about it. I’m going shopping at the weekend online, and buying this amongst other things. This is industrial powernoise just how I like it! Hear the noisy brutality (think Converter having a dust-up with Terrorfakt and Caustic) here.

The Damage Manual
Damage Addict

This lot caused a stir when they formed – more as it was a heck of an industrial “supergroup” than anything else. Not everything they did worked, but this track was fucking fantastic. I was reminded of them by this popping up when my iTunes was on random recently…

From The Sky
From Mars To Sirius

I’ve harked on about this lot before, too, I’m sure – a young French band who have slowly risen to prominence as their album has gained more listeners. What do they sound like? Ultra-clever math-metal yadda yadda yadda. Go listen.

The Knife
Marble House
Silent Shout

Another album that took some time to grow on me, and every time I listen to it a different track jumps out at me. At present it is this one – it somehow manages to sound heartbreaking and utterly life-affirming all at the same time.

DJ Promo

Yes, I know it’s not from the EP (Another for my post-payday shopping this week). But it’s still great, and seeing it performed live last week just made it even better.

Better Than You
White Light From The Mouth of Infinity

I’ve probably carped on enough about how much I love this band right now. But really – if you haven’t heard them before, or have been put off by their reputation, you need to hear this.

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