Transmission: 007: the a-z of industrial: f (part one)

The seventh part of Transmission, the a-z of industrial. This continues our look at industrial music, and is this week all about bands beginning with “f”, and we’ll finish off this letter in 008.

Transmission: 007
the a-z of industrial: f (part one)

transmission series

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005: d
004: c
003: c
002: b
001: a

I’m joined of course by Daisy to talk about the bands – some she likes, some she really doesn’t, and indeed the same goes for me too. This is an admittedly subjective look at the genre of music I concentrate on most, one that is a broad, varied church and I’ll attempt to cover as much of it as possible.

This episode features music and discussion about Front 242, The Force Dimension, Fad Gadget, Fixmer/McCarthy, FORCES, Foetus, Front Line Assembly, Factory Floor and Fluke.

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