Tuesday Ten: 259: Age of Consent

I have no idea how this one came up. A particular song was mentioned in the pub on the Monday night of Whitby last month, and all of a sudden five or six of us were coming up with a long, long list of songs along the same lines.

The Rearview Mirror: 007: Velvet Acid Christ - Greatest Hits

Velvet Acid Christ - one of the most divisive acts in industrial?

Well, that is what many would have you believe, but I don't think that they really are. Bryan Erickson's long-running project, now nearing 25 years of activitity, have maybe gone through periods of (comparatively) massive popularity, and indeed the opposite, but that is often the case for many bands in our thing as trends come and go.

Misery Loves Co. - 2016 Interview

Time for another interview on, and this time I'm talking to a band who've somewhat unexpectedly reformed. There have been an awful lot of reunions of late, particularly of bands from the nineties, and frankly some have not been particularly worthwhile returning.

Tuesday Ten: 258: That's why múm has gone to Ísland

For a country with a population of 330,000 - and a total area of 102,000km2 (in comparison, England has a total area of 130,000km2 and a population of 54 million) - Iceland has a remarkable musical heritage.

Ruby - Live at Servant Jazz Quarters, N16 - 03-May 2016

Lesley Rankine's career in music now spans a few decades, and more than a few styles. She first came to prominence in the vicious, no-wave influenced punkish-rock of Silverfish, a fixture of the Camden scene in the early 90s and unusual in their strident politics and just how confrontational they were.


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