Cold Waves IV: Chicago: 24/25/26-September 2015

After an epic holiday in Chicago - ostensibly to do Cold Waves and catch up with old friends - last year (review in the box), there wasn't ever really any question that we wouldn't make it back to Chicago again - and so a year on, here we were once again, in blazing September sunshine and loads more things to see. We managed all that, I managed three days of Cold Waves. Next year, though, I'm not flying back the following night, as I was paying for that decision for days afterwards.

ESA - 2015 Interview

For the latest in my series of interviews, I turn my attention closer to home to talk to an artist who has been making waves in the industrial scene for some years now.

Tuesday Ten: 242: Front 242

This week's Ten has been long-planned to have this subject, but how it was going to work was the bit I didn't really know. So, I chose to open it up.

Tuesday Ten: 241: Long Live The UK Music Scene

This week marks the end of an era in Music Journalism: the NME as we know it goes, replaced with a free music paper/magazine every Friday, ending 63 years of it's weekly, paid-for existence - and maybe it's place at the heart of the British Music Industry as it has evolved. Maybe the printed music press is now a dinosaur - but some of us still like it, and indeed for many my age or older, it was our route into all kinds of music pre-internet.

Tuesday Ten: 240: A Purr-fect Ten - Songs about Cats

A few months ago, Tuesday Ten #226 howled about dogs. But in the meantime, Elin - among a few others - was unimpressed that I did songs about dogs, but not cats. So time to redress the balance, with some songs to mewl along to. Bring your kitten heels to dance.


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