Infest 2014 - University of Bradford - 22/23/24-August 2014

A sign I'm clearly getting old - this was my fourteenth Infest. God, time flies. This year was perhaps a bit special for a number of reasons, though, at least partly down to the fact that this edition very nearly didn't happen, and in the event it is a damned good thing that it did happen, as this summer would have been a hell of a dead zone both musically and socially in our corner of the music world.

Tuesday Ten: 210: 1994

There has been a lot of "twenty years since..." features this year on "classic" albums. But then, the more I think about it, 1994 really was quite an awesome year for what we call alternative music in its various forms. I was sixteen that summer, and the torrent of new music covered all kinds of bases, pushed forward genres into new realms, resulted in some strikingly unusual and unique releases. Notably I still listen to many of the albums regularly today, even while I try and keep up with new music too.

Bloodstock Open Air 2014 - Catton Hall, Derbyshire - 08/09/10-August 2014

A first for me, in attending Bloodstock for the first time, and a first time in fifteen years camping at a festival (I last did so in 1999 for Reading - you know, back when they still booked bands worth seeing). It wasn't my first festival where the rain was torrential, though, but even so this was a load of fun, thanks to both the bands and the people.

Tuesday Ten: 209: Tracks of the Month (July 2014)

It's unlikely that there will be much more content on for the coming week - I've got a busy few days before my birthday on Saturday, and I'm spending the whole weekend at Bloodstock. Needless to say there will be a review of said festival from my perspective online next week.

Arnocorps - Live at The Underworld - 02-August 2014

Heroic. Ballsy. The Greatest Band of All Time. The six-strong band known as Arnocorps are not short on confidence, that's for sure.


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