Tuesday Ten: 231: Medication

I mentioned the other week that after some time of fighting it, I finally accepted the need for anti-depressants from my doctor. A couple of weeks in, things are at last settling a little with them and some of the side-effects are relenting.

Tuesday Ten: 230: Tracks of the Month (April 2015)

Another month, another round-up of the various new music that has come my way recently.

Tuesday Ten: 229: It's Getting Goth In Here

It is the 21st anniversary of the Whitby Goth Weekend this coming weekend, so let's go Goth for this post. The argument will rage until the end of time as to what counts as Goth music nowadays, by the way, and I'm sure it could well flare up again as a result of this post!

Tuesday Ten: 228: Fake Bands In Film and TV

It's a rather different Tuesday Ten this week. In honour of the twentieth anniversary of the still-brilliant Empire Records - and that it's Rex Manning Day tomorrow (08-April), the day the film is set on - I'm looking at bands that don't exist. Or, at least, were made up for each film in question...

Tuesday Ten: 227: Tracks of the Month (March 2015)

Another tough month, balanced out by a number of good moments that all-in reduced the amount of time I had to write about music. I've consumed more than enough (and been sent a fair bit, too), mind, and the result was this weeks Tracks of the Month, where I actually had far more than ten songs I wanted to feature - but with only limited time to write, I'm sticking with ten.


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