Tuesday Ten: 227: Tracks of the Month (March 2015)

Another tough month, balanced out by a number of good moments that all-in reduced the amount of time I had to write about music. I've consumed more than enough (and been sent a fair bit, too), mind, and the result was this weeks Tracks of the Month, where I actually had far more than ten songs I wanted to feature - but with only limited time to write, I'm sticking with ten.

Jesse McClear (Heavy Water Factory) - 2015 Interview

Thanks to the assistance of a mutual friend, I was able to get in touch with Jesse McClear of Heavy Water Factory - for me, at least, 2015s most surprising industrial (actually, music in general) return.

Tuesday Ten: 226: Who Let The Dogs Out?

It was Crufts over the weekend, and I have a partner who is obsessed with Dalmatians. So what else to write about this week, but dogs...but I had to paws for a while to get enough songs (with thanks to Daisy and Alex for assisting there).

Tuesday Ten: 225: Tracks of the Month (February 2015)

It's been a busy few weeks, and while compiling the list this week I realised that I've been posting regularly for the first time in a while. There won't be so much in March, mind - I'm away on holiday for a week shortly and other things are likely to get in the way too. But I'll be posting when I can.

Adventures in Audio-Visual - Randolph & Mortimer and Public Service Broadcasting Live

This week, within four days, I've seen two bands live that very much rely on the visual as much as the audio. One is a fiercely political industrial project taking it's first steps into the live arena, the other is a band dedicated to meshing old informational and propaganda videos with taut post-punk rhythms, and rising swiftly through the ranks. Weirdly enough, neither use "traditional" vocals to any great degree, either.

So, I thought it might be appropriate to have a look at both gigs in one go, and see how the different approaches worked.


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