Ruby - Live at Servant Jazz Quarters, N16 - 03-May 2016

Lesley Rankine's career in music now spans a few decades, and more than a few styles. She first came to prominence in the vicious, no-wave influenced punkish-rock of Silverfish, a fixture of the Camden scene in the early 90s and unusual in their strident politics and just how confrontational they were.

Tuesday Ten: 257: Tracks of the Month (April 2016)

For the second of the double-bill today, back to the normal programming with the best tracks of the past month.

Tuesday Ten: 256: Tracks of the Month (April 1996)

Already, we're onto the third month of this run-down of 1996, and the avalanche of great new music that appeared that year.

Youth Code - Commitment To Complications

A couple of years ago we were discussing the very evident trend of the time - that a new paradigm in industrial music seemed to be beginning. After some years of dominance of 4/4 rhythms, the same synth presets and a tiresome tirade of macho-bullshit lyrics and posturing, the tide suddenly shifted towards a disparate batch of bands taking influences from "classic" industrial and finding ways of fitting them together with other styles.

Laibach - Live at The Forum, Kentish Town - 12-April 2016

I'm struggling to think of a single band in "our thing" that has had as much mainstream coverage - as in appearing in the news, not just in the music press - as Laibach did last year when their show in North Korea was announced.


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