Tuesday Twelve: 217: Positivity

2014 has, frankly, been a fairly crap year for me, with bad things outweighing the good and what has felt like a constant battle with depression and my mental health. So, I set out recently to search out positive "alternative" songs, ones that belie the stereotype of us all moping around. And with thanks to many friends who got involved on a Facebook thread a few weeks ago for their various suggestions, not all of which could be used - but all were considered. I did stretch this to twelve rather than the usual ten, mind.

Tuesday Ten: 216: Unsung

So, for the second post today, I've enlisted the help of my readers again. I did this first for a wildly popular "perfect albums" thread earlier in the year (see the link on the right), so I felt it was time to do it again.

Tuesday Ten: 215: Tracks of the Month (October 2014)

A bit later than usual - Whitby and general life issues rather got in the way - and this of course will be the last new tracks roundup of 2014, as I'll be doing the best of 2014 lists from early December as usual. And this is the first of two posts this morning.

Prude - 2014 Interview

This week on, we've caught up with Jared Louche of Prude, previously Chemlab and a few other bands besides, over e-mail, to talk about his current band, music past and present and god only knows what else. He did warn he that he might have a lot to say.

Setlist - GVWI Hallowe'en Party - 25-October 2014

My friends in the GVWI had their Hallowe'en Party this weekend, and Andy and I were asked to DJ. So, we had some fun with suitably themed music...
GVWI Hallowe'en Party Facebook Event


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