Tuesday Ten: 238: Dead on "TV"

This week, time for a Tuesday Ten I've been thinking about and working on, gradually, for a few months. I was set a challenge, you see: to come up with a Tuesday Ten where deaths occur "on camera" (i.e. are described or happen in the songs). However, I could not rely on some of the usual suspects - particularly Cave, Cash and Dylan. Some interesting suggestions were originally made, I thought of a few more, and then opened it up to my readers for some other ideas, and the result is the ten below.

Cocksure - 2015 Interview

Another interview this week - all coming at once, eh? This time, with a project from two veterans of the industrial scene, who burst out last year to great acclaim, and return very soon with a second album.

Riotmiloo - 2015 Interview

The latest interview on takes things in a different direction. Where industrial electronics meets world events, and musical ideas are shared.

Dead When I Found Her: 2015 Interview

For the latest in my series of interviews with artists I've been writing about in the last few years, I'm ecstatic to be able to bring you what became a lengthy and fascinating exchange with an artist I've been writing about for a good few years, since his debut arrived, and is about to release his third album.


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