Setlist - Resistanz Festival: 19-April 2014

My third year attending Resistanz (I missed the first due to family commitments), and my first DJ set there (and my first time DJing in Sheffield in five years or so). I was DJing in the "trad" (read: old-school) industrial room on the Saturday night with Gadge Europa and Grenadier181. Thanks to everyone who came by to dance and support us.

DJ sets coming up

Coming up: DJ:traumahound at Resistanz!

Next weekend (Sat 19-Apr), DJ:traumahound joins forces with Gadge Europa to bring five hours of old-school industrial after the bands.

Other announcements to come soon for the rest of 2014.

Tuesday Ten: 201: The Clock is Ticking

This last few weeks has had a lot of thinking about time and the past. Be that looking at events in the past, anniversaries (of relationships, also of albums, of movements), or celebrating past lives. Needless to say there are a lot of songs touching on the subject, some perhaps more oblique than others.

Tuesday Ten: 200: Tracks of the Month (March 2014)

So, seven years - almost to the week - since I started this series, the Tuesday Ten hits #200. That's 200 lengthy posts, and 2,000 artists, songs, albums, venues (hey, the subjects have got around a bit). New songs, old songs, favourites, ones I dislike, even recently music other people love. It was initially started to celebrate the new music I was hearing, so I guess it is appropriate that #200 keeps that tradition up.

Setlist - Kerosene: 29-March 2014

A year on from last time, I returned last night to DJ again at Kerosene, and again, the night was awesome fun. Thanks to everyone who came down.


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