The Black Queen - Live at Oslo, Hackney - 05-February 2016

This was one of those gigs that I took a while to make a call on.

Massive Attack - Live at Brixton Academy - 03-February 2016

It is easy to forget, but Massive Attack are now very much veterans in the electronic music world. Formed as far back as 1988, they released one of the most perfect debut albums ever (Blue Lines), helped define "trip-hop" in the mid-90s (whether they wanted to or not), and then went a whole lot darker and heavier with the multi-million selling Mezzanine, before splintering somewhat over the following decade.

Tuesday Ten: 248: Tracks of the Month (January 2016)

After as usual a month or two off from this - new releases are thin on the ground at the end of the year anyway, and the end-of-year lists (start here if you missed them) take up a lot of time - it's time to get back to telling you, the reader, about some of the good new music out there.

Tuesday Ten: 247: London

Yeah, so I've kinda looked at this before (see box links), but I've never actually delved into songs about the city that is my home. And with it being six years last month since Daisy and I moved to Finsbury Park in North London (Daisy moving to London for the first time, me returning after a decade away), it seems an appropriate time to celebrate the city in music.

2016: Upcoming Music

I’ve done this for a good many years now, and 2016 will be no exception - a round-up of confirmed and potential releases relevant to and it’s readers. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and some may not be announced yet. Indeed, some of those announced already may change, or those that are marked as “expected” in 2016 may not happen at all, or get delayed into 2017.


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