Setlist - GVWI Hallowe'en Party - 25-October 2014

My friends in the GVWI had their Hallowe'en Party this weekend, and Andy and I were asked to DJ. So, we had some fun with suitably themed music...
GVWI Hallowe'en Party Facebook Event

Tuesday Ten: 214: True Colours

Colour. It is perhaps not an obvious subject for this series - being mainly a visual concept - but even descriptions or themes of colour can be exceptionally evocative, as a number of the entries are here.

Setlist - Dark7 Festival - 11-October 2014

I was asked some time ago to DJ this six-band line-up at Electrowerkz (I was the seventh of the Dark7, of course). Thanks to the organisers, the bands, and the punters.
Dark7 Festival Facebook Event

Cold Waves III, Metro, Chicago - 26/27-September 2014

In the annals of crazy plans by me, this one was up there with Festival Kinetik 4.0 in 2011, where my friend Tim and I headed to Ottawa and then Montreal for a heavy, heavy week of music, drinking and sightseeing. Doing Cold Waves III came up from similiar origins - a lineup too good to miss, and also a chance to catch up with friends who moved back to Chicago from London last year. Not to mention some sightseeing and drinking (and fantastic food), too.


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