Tuesday Ten: 299: Tracks of the Month (June 2017)

As I nudge toward Tuesday Ten: 300 next week (a milestone I never thought I’d reach), another month has passed and here we are again with the latest batch of new tracks to catch up on. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 299: Tracks of the Month (June 2017)”

Countdown: 2014: Albums

Week three of the amodelofcontrol.com roundup of 2014, and this is, I guess, the big one. The albums of the year. Read more “Countdown: 2014: Albums”

Countdown: 2014: Tracks

Here we go, then, with the run-down of the best tracks of 2014 – according to me, anyway. 2014 has been an odd year, as friends will know – life has rather got in the way in a number of respects, which has cut down the amount of writing I’ve been able to do, but that hasn’t stopped me buying and enjoying music. Read more “Countdown: 2014: Tracks”

Tuesday Ten: 209: Tracks of the Month (July 2014)

It’s unlikely that there will be much more content on amodelofcontrol.com for the coming week – I’ve got a busy few days before my birthday on Saturday, and I’m spending the whole weekend at Bloodstock. Needless to say there will be a review of said festival from my perspective online next week. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 209: Tracks of the Month (July 2014)”

Countdown: 2011: Albums

During 2011 I bought an awful lot of albums. at least 75, in fact. And so many that some that might have made it in a normal year ended up being missed off this list. So there may well be a “what I overlooked” post at the end of the year, just to ensure that everything I wanted to mention at some point gets included somehow. Still, I’d rather have this problem than have too little to write about… Next week: Gigs of the year. Read more “Countdown: 2011: Albums”

Tuesday Ten: 145: Tracks of the Month (October 2011)

Another month already – and time for my usual monthly rundown of the best tracks of the month. As is usual, this will be the last monthly rundown of the year – December will see my end of year roundups. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 145: Tracks of the Month (October 2011)”

Countdown: 2010: Albums

A good year for music, so here’s twenty albums I think were great this year. Read more “Countdown: 2010: Albums”