Tuesday Ten: 290: Why Don’t You Get A Job?

I passed seven years working for the same employer recently (by some considerable distance the longest I’ve worked for one company in the two decades that I’ve had jobs), and while things haven’t always been plain sailing, currently I’ve got the kind of role I wanted. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 290: Why Don’t You Get A Job?”

But Listen: 125: The Strand – Combat Advantage

I mused for a while over whether to leave the elephant in the corner of the room here, or whether to get it out of the way first. So obviously it is going to be the latter. The Strand are, or have been at least, lumped in as a “Steampunk” band in the past. I’ve no idea whether it was a phase, or whether it is just their visual style and that’s that.

Read more “But Listen: 125: The Strand – Combat Advantage”

Tuesday Ten: 156: Tracks of the Month (May 2012)

Another month – so it’s time for a quick rundown of the ten tracks I think you should all hear. It’s a rather wider range of music than I’ve been posting of late, too, I think. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 156: Tracks of the Month (May 2012)”

Tuesday Ten: 080: Swearing

Ideas for future Tuesday Tens are coming thick and fast at the moment, and indeed I have the core of two more already completed too, and this week’s was a late change of plan, mainly after I realised just how many songs could be included. So the other two I have planned will be held off until into August. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 080: Swearing”

Tuesday Ten: 029: All You Need Is Hate

A little bit of a change this week, with a slightly more abstract theme. It was probably the hardest list I have compiled yet, too: and other interpretations on the theme are welcome. So what is the theme? Hate. Hate comes in many different forms, and surprisingly it was a little harder than I was expecting to find ten songs about hatred… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 029: All You Need Is Hate”

Tuesday Ten: 003: Remixes

For some reason the humble remix has popped up in both conversation and in my listening an awful lot recently. And, of course, it got me thinking the other day. What makes a good remix? Is it simply to provide yet more dancefloor fodder, or to make a song a hit, or to take a look at a song in a totally different way to before? Read more “Tuesday Ten: 003: Remixes”