Tuesday Ten: 216: Unsung

So, for the second post today, I’ve enlisted the help of my readers again. I did this first for a wildly popular “perfect albums” thread earlier in the year (see the link on the right), so I felt it was time to do it again.
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Tuesday Ten: 186: Television, the Drug of the Nation

Firstly, with apologies for the lack of content (comparatively) recently. Things have been rather chaotic in my life (far too many things from all sides) that have meant that a fair amount of writing for this site that I’ve had planned has either had to be delayed or shelved. As things – hopefully! – seem to be settling again now, let’s crank up the volume a bit. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 186: Television, the Drug of the Nation”

Tuesday Ten: 138: Hip-Hop

It seems to surprise everyone that I have a not-so-secret love of hip-hop. I’ve only ever dabbled, really, and certainly was never part of the wider hip-hop culture. Some of the stuff that has been released from the hip-hop scene over the years, though, has been phenomenal. There has been stuff every bit as heavy as the metal of the time, every bit as influential, and every bit as political. And, yes, there have been some abominable throwaways. And there are all kinds of links between alternative music and hip-hop. Like rap metal (bands like Downset, Stuck Mojo, Senser, Rage Against The Machine, Clawfinger…) and nu-metal (let’s not go there), obviously, but also in the likes of the industrial/hip-hop fusions of Stromkern, Consolidated and SMP – and even Front Line Assembly, who dabbled in adding hip-hop vocals as long ago as 1994 (Victim of a Criminal on Millenium, since you ask). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 138: Hip-Hop”