Tuesday Ten: 287: Tracks of the Month (March 1997)

Ten years of Tens. 287 posts, featuring 1,261 artists, 2,121 tracks, 1,817 albums, and 93 tracks from 81 artists named track of the month. In addition, there have been 42 best-of-year posts (actually going back as far as 2004), and run-downs of the best of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s (which was across a total of 27 posts, and they will go back online soon). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 287: Tracks of the Month (March 1997)”

Tuesday Ten: 250: Tracks of the Month (February 1996)

So. Tuesday Ten 250 is quite a milestone to reach, I guess. As well as that, 2016 marks twenty years since I began writing about music, with my first review in ROAR (a publication much-changed nowadays, by the looks of things) in my first weeks as a student in September/October 1996.
Read more “Tuesday Ten: 250: Tracks of the Month (February 1996)”

Tuesday Ten: 232: Tracks of the Month (May 2015)

Been a bit of a quiet month on amodelofcontrol.com, as other parts of life have got in the way. But things are now ramping up again, with a number of posts and reviews to come. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 232: Tracks of the Month (May 2015)”

Tuesday Ten: 133: 90s Dance

Yes, I’m still on something of a retro tip. After seeing a depressing “top selling dance songs of the noughties” list, I began thinking back to the stuff I loved in the nineties. I was, to be fair, heavily into big beat and drum and bass in my uni days, so this list might well be heavily skewed. But needless to say, there was far too much to squeeze into just ten songs, so this has spiralled into rather more than that. But, it all deserved mentioning, and as always, there are playlists to listen to them on. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 133: 90s Dance”

Tuesday Ten: 119: Also Featuring…

For my first Tuesday Ten proper in about two months, I’m looking at guest appearances. I thought I had covered this before, but somehow it appears that I haven’t. Anyway – guest appearances are either used a little cynically (to get the guest artist more exposure, or even to get the other artist more “credibility” by a certain guest appearing), or simply because it’s a good musical fit. I’m hoping that most of this list at least is the latter. Other suggestions for ones that I’ve missed are welcome. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 119: Also Featuring…”

Tuesday Ten: 118: Product Placement

For this week’s Tuesday Ten, I’m going back to a list I’ve had on the back burner for bloody ages. That is, music on TV in the form of advertising. Always a contentious subject – there are probably just as many artists who flatly refuse to sell their music for use in this way as those that do – this list is taking a look at those who have done. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 118: Product Placement”

Tuesday Ten: 070: The Sound of Summer?

Driving down to Cambridge on a warm summer’s day last Sunday got Daisy and I thinking about songs that we associate with the summer. Certainly there are some songs that simply “work” better, or suit my mood more, when the sun is shining (and likewise similar happens with other songs during the winter). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 070: The Sound of Summer?”

2007 in Review: Best Tracks

So, part two of my review of the year, and this week it is the tracks of the year. This as usual spans a number of different genres, and I don't doubt that there will be some disagreement with my choices: so to that end, let me know what you think the best of the year is in the comments… Read more “2007 in Review: Best Tracks”

Tuesday Ten: 017: Videos

Often part of the appeal of a particular song is the music video – a medium that has now been evolving in ever more complicated ways for over thirty years. Often, though, it isn’t always the really technically advanced – and expensive – videos that are the best. Sometimes all it takes is some lateral thinking and a great video will come out of not too much. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 017: Videos”

Tuesday Ten: 009: Tracks of the Month (June 2007)

A new month, so it’s time for my usual rundown of 10 tracks that I think everyone else should hear. A real mix of genres this month, as well. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 009: Tracks of the Month (June 2007)”