Tuesday Ten: 198: Tracks of the Month (February 2014)

A new month, so a new ten tracks of things that I’m enjoying at the moment. To be honest, we seem to be in a bit of a lull at the moment, after the flurry of releases recently (Seabound, God Module, Laibach, seeming and Aesthetic Perfection will all be reviewed separately soon, by the way – all are “in the works”), so I didn’t perhaps have as much to put into this list as I might have liked. But there is some interesting stuff here, that’s for sure. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 198: Tracks of the Month (February 2014)”

The Afghan Whigs – Live at KOKO – 19-August 2012

If Yuck are/were the sound of the grunge revival, then side-project Oupa are the sound of it dying, already reduced to sub-Neil youngesque croaks, backed with a wheezing drum machine that never chances pace. Oh yes. Not content with being part of the much-hyped “grunge revival” (which aside from the original bands reforming, and a lot of re-issues, has been a non-event as far as I can tell), dredging up the memories of various dreary side-projects isn’t helping. Read more “The Afghan Whigs – Live at KOKO – 19-August 2012”

Tuesday Ten: 135: A Night On The Town

I got wind over the weekend that the bar that I ran tcf in for five years is closing – initially it sounded like it was for good, but instead it’s apparently for a refurb that will see The Nelson in Sheffield close for eight weeks. So it feels like an appropriate time to look at songs about going out on the lash. Lets call this a concept Tuesday Ten. A night in the life. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 135: A Night On The Town”

Tuesday Ten: 091: Bad Romance

This week is inspired by the usual annual marketing blitz that is Valentines Day, and in particular this article about valentines day compilation albums. So, here are ten songs you are unlikely to hear on such a compilation: all of these songs are about love in one way or another, just maybe not the “conventional” view as the marketeers may have it. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 091: Bad Romance”

Tuesday Ten: 072: Lust

This week was going to be a run-through songs involving one or more of the seven deadly sins, which many of you may remember me asking about a few weeks back. But finding a selection I was happy with has been very hard indeed, so this week I’m concentrating on just one of the sins, and will come back to covering all seven later. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 072: Lust”

Tuesday Ten: 005: North American 90s Alternative

My prelidiction for music lists at the moment may be coming across all a bit High Fidelity, but it is in the main me rummaging through the boxes of musical history in my mind – that and I am finding it quite a lot of fun hunting through the archives of YouTube. In addition, of course, it is far easier being able to let you hear/see what I am talking about – I would rather not post mp3s here, and with Youtube being as good as it is for this nowadays, I don't have to.
Read more “Tuesday Ten: 005: North American 90s Alternative”