Sunn O))) – Barbican, London – 21-March 2017

I rather wondered, after the first time I saw Sunn O))) live, whether I could physically stand going a second time. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy it, it was just that the after-effects were like nothing I’d ever experienced after a gig. Read more “Sunn O))) – Barbican, London – 21-March 2017”

2015 in Review: Best Gigs

2015 in gigs: 70 days, 165 live sets, 154 unique bands, forty venues, seven cities, four festivals (and each of those festivals in a different town/city), three countries, two continents. Read more “2015 in Review: Best Gigs”

Tuesday Ten: 219: Outros

One of the interesting things about writing this series is that occasionally one post (and not necessarily at the time of writing it!) will inspire another, and then will have me wondering how I didn’t think of it before. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 219: Outros”

Tuesday Ten: 215: Tracks of the Month (October 2014)

A bit later than usual – Whitby and general life issues rather got in the way – and this of course will be the last new tracks roundup of 2014, as I’ll be doing the best of 2014 lists from early December as usual. And this is the first of two posts this morning. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 215: Tracks of the Month (October 2014)”

SunnO))) – Live at KOKO – 12-June 2012

I have to confess that I was somewhat nervous about this gig. Were my earplugs up to the job, would I make it through the whole thing, etc. And this isn’t something I say lightly. Over seventeen years of gig-going, and hundreds and hundreds of bands I’ve seen, there are few that I’ve seen, I thought, that would be as loud as Sunn O))), or so I was told. Read more “SunnO))) – Live at KOKO – 12-June 2012”

2009 in review: Best Albums

Ok, so time for my roundup of the best albums of the year. Read more “2009 in review: Best Albums”

Tuesday Ten: 075: The Best of 2009 So Far (Albums)

I don’t usually do this, but as I’ve remembered – and there has been a fair amount of stuff to recommend – I’m taking a break from the usual Tuesday Ten subjects to do a rundown of ten albums and ten songs worth hearing from 2009 so far, as we reach the halfway point of the year (already!). They are, it should be added, in no particular order.

Ok, so albums first. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 075: The Best of 2009 So Far (Albums)”

Tuesday Ten: 071: Tracks of the Month (May 2009)

Another new month (where is this year going?!?), so time for my usual monthly roundup of ten tracks you should hear. If there are other things I should hear, please tell me… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 071: Tracks of the Month (May 2009)”

Tuesday Ten: 007: Songs to Annoy Your Neighbours

This week's Tuesday Ten is inspired by our encounters with our rather noisy neighbours over the past twelve months, and indeed is also partly inspired today by my really shitty mood. They appear to be in the process of moving out, at long last, happily – or at least we haven't heard a peep from them since we got back from Paris.
Read more “Tuesday Ten: 007: Songs to Annoy Your Neighbours”