Tuesday Ten: 289: European Me

I toyed with the idea of a post celebrating Europe last summer around the referendum vote, but frankly, I was too damned down about the whole thing to even consider it. Debate has raged, of course, in the press, in person, on social media, just about everywhere, and there is certainly no doubt that the country is probably even further away from consensus than it ever was. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 289: European Me”

2013 in Review: Best Gigs

After last year’s exhausting run of gigs, 2013 was even crazier. I saw 66 days of gigs – seeing nearly 160 live sets in the process, in three countries, six different cities and and including three festivals. What was interesting, though, was that maybe I hit saturation point this year. While there were a handful of truly extraordinary shows, there were quite a lot of shows that were just ok, and then quite a few more – particularly support acts – that really weren’t up to much at all. But the one thing that was easy? The best of the lot, which was decided on the spot, back in January… Read more “2013 in Review: Best Gigs”

2013 in Review: Best Albums

Part four of my 2013 rundown – and this was a difficult list to do. Very difficult. And for the first time in a number of years, it took until the last week to finally decide once and for all on the top five in particular. Read more “2013 in Review: Best Albums”

2013 in Review: Best Tracks

2013 has been a really, really strong year for music. Read more “2013 in Review: Best Tracks”

Into the Pit: 176: Six By Seven – Live at The Lexington N1 – 24-July 2013

2013 has been a mightily odd year for music. While we’ve seen, for better or worse, no end of bands returning after long breaks, reforming or just keeping on going – with a seeming lack of new bands in certain areas – it has been quite astounding just how good many of those returns have been. And as I’d hoped when seeing the band live on their first two appearances in London this year, this third appearance and the recently released new album have confirmed absolutely that we can add Six By Seven to the list of triumphant returns. Read more “Into the Pit: 176: Six By Seven – Live at The Lexington N1 – 24-July 2013”

Tuesday Ten: 174: Live Albums

So…I’ve looked at the best gigs, live venues, and gigs at the London Astoria, bands at Infest, bands I’ve *not* seen live…but I’ve never had a look at live albums, somehow, as my girlfriend pointed out last week. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 174: Live Albums”

Into the Pit: 168: Recent Gigs – review catch-up

The last month has been a really busy one, and despite attending a number of gigs in that period, I’ve not had the chance to get my thoughts on online for most of them so far. So – as I’m never going to be able to catch up if I don’t do this – here, for the first time, is a set of short-form reviews of a few gigs I attended during April and early-May that I’ve not otherwise covered.

Read more “Into the Pit: 168: Recent Gigs – review catch-up”

Into the Pit: 166: Six By Seven – Live at The Water Rats – 04-April 2013

Six By Seven made one hell of a splash when they first appeared over fifteen years ago, the music press in the UK making them something like the “great white hope” of guitar music of the time. That they never became huge is not a tale of style over substance, but more one of a band who were hyped up to be something that they weren’t. Yeah, so while they had moments of glorious accessibility, the majority of their work was perhaps too intense, too much “hard work” for most listeners.

Read more “Into the Pit: 166: Six By Seven – Live at The Water Rats – 04-April 2013”

Tuesday Ten: 091: Bad Romance

This week is inspired by the usual annual marketing blitz that is Valentines Day, and in particular this article about valentines day compilation albums. So, here are ten songs you are unlikely to hear on such a compilation: all of these songs are about love in one way or another, just maybe not the “conventional” view as the marketeers may have it. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 091: Bad Romance”

Tuesday Ten: 035: 90s I

A few weeks ago I covered ten of my favourite 80s albums. The 90s were the decade where I seriously got into music, and because of the disparate genres I listen to, there is simply no way that I can narrow this down to ten. So, my favourite albums of the 90s is split into two parts, and the second part will follow next Tuesday. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 035: 90s I”