Tuesday Ten: 278: Camden Town

About eighteen years ago, while I was still reading Geography at King’s College London, the subject of my dissertation proposal came up. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 278: Camden Town”

2014 in review: Best Gigs

This year: 170 bands, 57 days-worth of gigs. Five festivals, three countries, eight cities/towns. From venues holding thousands to those holding tens. Due to personal issues and, frankly, being too damned busy for much of the year, I didn’t get to write about many of them aside from the festivals, so writing this list has really taxed the powers of my memory. Read more “2014 in review: Best Gigs”

2014 in review: Best Albums

Week three of the amodelofcontrol.com roundup of 2014, and this is, I guess, the big one. The albums of the year. Read more “2014 in review: Best Albums”

Resistanz 2014 – Corporation, Sheffield – 18-20 April 2014

Christ, 2014 is passing by in a flash. With Easter so late this year, it has resulted too in Resistanz and Whitby being on back-to-back weekends, which has left a number of us fearing for our livers during April, never mind an attempt to get any sleep. As I write this, the first of those weekends is done, and I’ve been left shattered and more than a bit croaky, with two days of work to face before I can head off to the North Yorkshire coast on Thursday. And yes, that’s meant I’ve gone all the way north to Sheffield from London, back for three days, then north again. The perils of having a limited leave allowance from work… Read more “Resistanz 2014 – Corporation, Sheffield – 18-20 April 2014”

Tuesday Ten: 190: 2014 and upcoming music

To open each new year, I’ve for some years now posted a rundown of new music coming your way. This year is no exception, but it seems that there is less music coming that I might have expected. But then, I’m probably missing a few things! Anyway – this year, in addition to the full list further down the page, I’ve picked five albums I’m really looking forward to hearing. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 190: 2014 and upcoming music”

2013 in Review: Best Tracks

2013 has been a really, really strong year for music. Read more “2013 in Review: Best Tracks”

Tuesday Ten: 185: Tracks of the Month (September 2013)

It’s been a really busy month – hence a relative lack of posting this past month, and no Tuesday Tens since last month’s roundup. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 185: Tracks of the Month (September 2013)”

Tuesday Ten: 174: Live Albums

So…I’ve looked at the best gigs, live venues, and gigs at the London Astoria, bands at Infest, bands I’ve *not* seen live…but I’ve never had a look at live albums, somehow, as my girlfriend pointed out last week. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 174: Live Albums”

Seabound – Live at Purple Turtle – 22-July 2012

For the last of six different gigs during July – and my last for a few weeks – it was back to the Purple Turtle for the first time in a while, to see the return of the band that I believe are now the finest exponents of synthpop/futurepop anywhere. But first, before Seabound, there were the support acts, and I was there to see them all. Read more “Seabound – Live at Purple Turtle – 22-July 2012”