Tuesday Ten: 299: Tracks of the Month (June 2017)

As I nudge toward Tuesday Ten: 300 next week (a milestone I never thought I’d reach), another month has passed and here we are again with the latest batch of new tracks to catch up on. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 299: Tracks of the Month (June 2017)”

Tuesday Ten: 171: 2012 redux: Missed from the lists

Yeah, so it’s a while into 2013 now, but frankly there were quite a few things I managed not to mention in the various roundups that were great during 2012, and indeed some, or most of these went unmentioned by me last year. So, here are ten that I really need to do justice to… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 171: 2012 redux: Missed from the lists”

But Listen: 123: Saltillo – Monocyte

Just once in a while, a reissue is genuinely of something that somehow missed a time in the spotlight the first time around, and the reissue is no naked attempt at getting the first buyers to put hands in pockets again, but instead the work of someone else trying to get the audience it should have done in the first place.

Read more “But Listen: 123: Saltillo – Monocyte”

Tuesday Ten: 153: Tracks of the Month (March 2012)

I guess last week’s repackaging Tuesday Ten was kinda apt, seeing as this past week has marked five years of my Tuesday Ten series. That is five years of me carping on about music in various forms. And seeing as I’m not out of ideas yet for the series, they will keep on coming. So, on with this week. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 153: Tracks of the Month (March 2012)”