Best of 2016: Gigs

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Ruby – Live at Servant Jazz Quarters: London N16

Lesley Rankine’s career in music now spans a few decades, and more than a few styles. She first came to prominence in the vicious, no-wave influenced punkish-rock of Silverfish, a fixture of the Camden scene in the early 90s and unusual in their strident politics and just how confrontational they were. The band toured with Pigface, which drew Rankine into that loose collective, resulting in a couple of Pigface’s most memorable moments (in particular, the rampaging Silverfish track Big Bad Baby Pig Squeal became the iconic Hips, Tits, Lips, Power!).
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Tuesday Ten: 253: Tracks of the Month (March 1996)

This is part two of my look back at 1996, where I continue what I started in Tuesday Ten: 250 by looking at releases that were broadly in February/March of that year.
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2014 in review: Best Albums

Week three of the roundup of 2014, and this is, I guess, the big one. The albums of the year. Read more “2014 in review: Best Albums”

2013 in Review: Best Tracks

2013 has been a really, really strong year for music. Read more “2013 in Review: Best Tracks”

Tuesday Ten: 182: Tracks of the Month (July 2013)

I was thinking about marking ten years of blogging with something special this week, but then I realised that I had a big list of great new songs to mention, so the usual pattern prevails for now. So I’ll return to that subject a bit later in the month. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 182: Tracks of the Month (July 2013)”

Tuesday Ten: 170: Tracks of the Month (February 2013)

Another month, ten more new songs you should hear. New bands, old bands, returning bands. You can hear eight of the ten songs on the playlists below, but a little frustratingly not all of them appear on one playlist. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 170: Tracks of the Month (February 2013)”