Tuesday Ten: 278: Camden Town

About eighteen years ago, while I was still reading Geography at King’s College London, the subject of my dissertation proposal came up. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 278: Camden Town”

Tuesday Ten: 262: A Place Called England

Watching Frank Turner perform all of his (exceptional) album England Keep My Bones the other week – with a packed, young crowd bellowing along to every word – got me thinking. Who else is actually writing songs about being proud to be English (or in some cases, British?)? Was there anyone else?
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Tuesday Ten: 214: True Colours

Colour. It is perhaps not an obvious subject for this series – being mainly a visual concept – but even descriptions or themes of colour can be exceptionally evocative, as a number of the entries are here. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 214: True Colours”

Tuesday Ten: 192: Reader’s perfect albums

This week, my Tuesday Ten series goes in a new direction – as I’ve not written it. A few weeks ago, I posted an innocent post on Facebook asking my friends what they considered their perfect albums…and got an avalanche of suggestions. Over 100 comments and 150 suggested albums later, I thought it might be fun to ask a few of the contributors to expand on why they thought a particular album was perfect. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 192: Reader’s perfect albums”

Tuesday Ten: 167: I Get Around

This month – January 2013 – marks an important transport anniversary, the 150th anniversary of the first London Underground line, therefore the 150th annniversary of the first underground system in the world. It is kinda hard to imagine what an earth London would be like without it’s dense and complex transport system, and so to see the warm reception to the celebrations has been really quite great in a city as cynical as London. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 167: I Get Around”

Pulp – Live at Motorpoint Arena – 08-December 2012

After quite a few more gigs by reunited bands this year, I’m still in two minds as to whether they are a good thing or not. In some cases, they have undoubtedly resulted in bands getting the dues they should have had in the first place, others have revitalised careers, and frankly some others have been little more than bands cashing in on the latest vogue. Read more “Pulp – Live at Motorpoint Arena – 08-December 2012”

2011 in review: Best Gigs

During 2011 I saw an awful lot of live sets. At a rough count, around about 125 (including supports and festivals) – and I saw a few bands more than once, in particular Front 242, who I saw four times in four different countries. Like the albums list, a few that might have made it in a normal year ended up being missed off this list. It was a good year for live gigs, and I only saw a few duds. So my quality filter is definitely improving… Read more “2011 in review: Best Gigs”

Tuesday Ten: 144: Back For Good?

Two reunions of different kinds hit the news last week, although interestingly the return of Steps seemed to be rather overshadowed by The Stone Roses. The NME in particular are treating the latter like the, er, Resurrection, the most important music news, well, ever. Which in some respects kinda shows them for what they and most of the music industry are about nowadays – obsessed by nostalgia and perhaps no longer all that interested in new music – which, as the papers full title suggests, should really be their focus. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 144: Back For Good?”

Tuesday Ten: 135: A Night On The Town

I got wind over the weekend that the bar that I ran tcf in for five years is closing – initially it sounded like it was for good, but instead it’s apparently for a refurb that will see The Nelson in Sheffield close for eight weeks. So it feels like an appropriate time to look at songs about going out on the lash. Lets call this a concept Tuesday Ten. A night in the life. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 135: A Night On The Town”

Wireless Festival 2011: Day Three – Live at Hyde Park – 03-July 2011

I’ve been meaning to go to at least one of the days of Wireless for a couple of years now – but I think really I was awaiting for the right lineup to splash my cash on – and the announcement of Pulp for this back before Christmas (god, that long ago?) sealed the deal. Well, I’d seen Pulp years ago – one of my very first live shows, at the Heineken Festival in Leeds in 1995 – but my girlfriend had never got the chance, so this was a good chance for me to revisit.
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