Tuesday Ten: 214: True Colours

Colour. It is perhaps not an obvious subject for this series – being mainly a visual concept – but even descriptions or themes of colour can be exceptionally evocative, as a number of the entries are here. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 214: True Colours”

Countdown: 1980s: Tracks: 20-01

A couple of years ago, I posted the best of the 90s, and the best of the 00s, from my point of view. Read more “Countdown: 1980s: Tracks: 20-01”

Tuesday Ten: 199: As Seen On TV

The television appearance is an important part of the promotional armoury. Not a video (I’ve covered these in various posts before), but simply a live* rendition of a current song that maybe gets a band out to an audience that otherwise might not know about them. I’ve also excluded TV-aired festival appearances, too. One thing, though, is that those opportunities for TV slots are greatly diminished nowadays, so most of this list goes back a bit… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 199: As Seen On TV”

Tuesday Ten: 193: Perfect and Worst Albums

Following last week’s awesome fun of submissions from many of my readers and friends, I thought I probably ought to suggest my own to this. So this is a postscript, of sorts, offering five albums that I celebrate as being my idea of perfect albums. I’ve been careful to ensure that I haven’t repeated any artists from last week’s submissions, by the way. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 193: Perfect and Worst Albums”

Tuesday Ten: 161: The End of the World Show

After taking a bit of a break from these series of Tuesday Tens based upon (quite random) subjects – I think I needed to to allow me to come up with some new ideas – I seem to have hit upon some inspiration for future lists again, so expect these to be a little more regular once again (time allowing, of course). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 161: The End of the World Show”

Tuesday Ten: 141: Bad Sex

It has been a long time, er, coming, this. I’d say excuse the pun, but you know I don’t mean that. Anyway, I first started working on this a few months ago, and here it is at last. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 141: Bad Sex”

Tuesday Ten: 128: Royalty and Privilege

It won’t have escaped anyone’s attention in the UK at least that there is a wedding of two privileged people this Friday that will take place in front of a worldwide audience, shutting down the normal workings of much of central London for the day – and indeed the rest of the country as an additional bank holiday has been declared, and not to mention crowding out lots of more important (and actual) news in the media as they all fawn over the minutae of the wedding. Be that a dress, or the guest list, or seating plan. I am one of the many who couldn’t give a toss about the wedding, and will be watching none of it on Friday. If the weather is good, I’ll be in a park somewhere with like-minded friends, and if the weather isn’t so good, I’ll be in the pub – hopefully one without any coverage of it (which may make it tricky). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 128: Royalty and Privilege”

Tuesday Ten: 124: Food & Drink

I was a little surprised, I have to admit, when I realised just how many songs my partner and I could think of that reference, are tenuously linked to, or are actually about this week’s subject. So, what am I on about this week? Food and drink. That is, the non-alcoholic variety (I’ve covered alcohol before, of course, see the box). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 124: Food & Drink”

Tuesday Ten: 092: Cowbell

A slightly more light-hearted TT this week, one that’s been in the works since the recent Christmas number one, and hearing nothing but cowbell, it seems, in much of the Winter Olympics coverage in the past week or so, made this appropriate. Also, tools exist to add cowbell to any song you like, but today I’m looking at ten songs that perhaps already have more than enough. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 092: Cowbell”