Tuesday Ten: 279: Tracks of the Month (January 1997)

Over last year – to mark twenty years since I began writing about music – I ran a series of posts looking at the music I was buying and listening to in 1996 (and that was released that year), partly to jog my memory and partly to dig into my formative musical influences a bit, too. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 279: Tracks of the Month (January 1997)”

Tuesday Ten: 185: Tracks of the Month (September 2013)

It’s been a really busy month – hence a relative lack of posting this past month, and no Tuesday Tens since last month’s roundup. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 185: Tracks of the Month (September 2013)”

Tuesday Ten: 149: B-Sides

In this era of downloads, the B-side has almost become a dead art. And what a shame, when you consider some of the astonishing tracks hidden away on the flipside of a single over the years. Not to mention that a number of B-sides have become accepted as some bands greatest songs, or have become live favourites, or both. Back when it was still of use, it was a good place for bands to experiment, or simply to continue releasing material without the pressure of a full album. Or in some cases, simply fill up B-side space with endless remixes, which may or may not have been any good. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 149: B-Sides”

Tuesday Ten: 089: Better Covers

Firstly, further to last week, can I also suggest that following an advert for this seen at the weekend, that there is a seperate circle of hell reserved for it? Read more “Tuesday Ten: 089: Better Covers”