Tuesday Ten: 159: Fire

After finally seeing the Olympic Torch Relay last week – amongst the enormous crowds in the City of London on Thursday morning – as well as the spectacular finale to the opening ceremony with a seriously clever way to light the Olympic Flame in the stadium, not to mention the sad news of a colleague suffering a fire at his flat (happily he and his partner are ok) and the arrival of summer heat at last in the past week, I guess the choice of Fire as a Tuesday Ten subject is apt. Although I’m kinda wondering how it has taken 158 Tuesday Tens to think about doing it. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 159: Fire”

Tuesday Ten: 083: Soundtracks

This week’s Tuesday Ten comes courtesy of two things, really: this article about soundtrack writers, and then Cyanotic’s recent re-working of the Terminator theme. Both of these got me thinking about soundtracks, as somehow I don’t think I’ve ever actually covered them in a Tuesday Ten. But I’m not going for the easy option of just listing ten soundtracks that I really love, instead thinking of ten songs that are evocative of the films they come from, in some way or another – and not all of the films in this list are actually that good, either. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 083: Soundtracks”

Tuesday Ten: 079: Space

A perhaps predictable subject for this week’s Tuesday Ten: it’s all about space, what with it being the 40th anniversary of the first moon landings this week. I’ve always thought of songs written to be about space travel, or related subjects, to be a very common theme, but in the event it actually turned out to be a really bloody hard list to collate. I’m sure that readers of this will suggest many more than I came up with, though… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 079: Space”