Tuesday Ten: 196: Sleep

Once again, recently, I’ve been struggling with insomnia, something that judging on some mornings on social networks that quite a few of my friends suffer from too. I go through phases like this – like many, I’m sure, connected to stress or work, or both – and indeed during much of my student days I was not far off nocturnal (the perils of few lectures and late night working as part of the Uni events team, amongst other things), but recently I’ve been worse than in a long while. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 196: Sleep”

Countdown: 2013: Gigs

After last year’s exhausting run of gigs, 2013 was even crazier. I saw 66 days of gigs – seeing nearly 160 live sets in the process, in three countries, six different cities and and including three festivals. What was interesting, though, was that maybe I hit saturation point this year. While there were a handful of truly extraordinary shows, there were quite a lot of shows that were just ok, and then quite a few more – particularly support acts – that really weren’t up to much at all. But the one thing that was easy? The best of the lot, which was decided on the spot, back in January… Read more “Countdown: 2013: Gigs”

Countdown: 2013: Albums

Part four of my 2013 rundown – and this was a difficult list to do. Very difficult. And for the first time in a number of years, it took until the last week to finally decide once and for all on the top five in particular. Read more “Countdown: 2013: Albums”

Into the Pit: 162: My Bloody Valentine – Live at Hammersmith Apollo – 12-March 2013

As I’ve noted before, being back in London over the past three years and more has meant that I’ve been able to see, at last, a number of bands I never thought I’d have the chance to see. Needless to say, MBV are one of those bands, having somehow missed the various shows in recent years since they resumed activity (I was too young the first time around, of course).

Read more “Into the Pit: 162: My Bloody Valentine – Live at Hammersmith Apollo – 12-March 2013”

Countdown: 1980s: Tracks: 80-61

A couple of years ago, I posted the best of the 90s, and the best of the 00s, from my point of view. Read more “Countdown: 1980s: Tracks: 80-61”

Tuesday Ten: 132: nineteenninetyone

I seem to have been delving into my musical past, and in particular the nineties, an awful lot so far in 2011. I’m not exactly sure why: perhaps it’s just been discovering a handful of nights in London that cover parts of that past that I’m still fond of – so Nuis@nce and Louder Than Fuck, the latter of which really did feel like I was back in my early teens with the soundtrack. Oh yes, I was a grunge kid for a while, plaid shirts, short sleeve band T-shirts over long sleeve ones, ripped jeans, etc. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 132: nineteenninetyone”

Tuesday Ten: 107: Stuck on Repeat

When I first thought about it, this was inspired by a seemingly never-ending parade of bands who seem to have come up with nothing new themselves that I keep hearing. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 107: Stuck on Repeat”

Countdown: 1990s: Tracks: 80-61

Continuing the long journey through the decade, part seven. Read more “Countdown: 1990s: Tracks: 80-61”

Tuesday Ten: 018: Indie

It's time to delve into what is now some of the outer reaches of my music collection for this week's TT. Indeed, into a genre that I rarely buy anything from anymore – indie bands. And this one is in a slightly different format to usual, too – click on the Key Tracks links to find video links/track samples. Other suggestions for bands I may have missed welcome… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 018: Indie”