Tuesday Ten: 273: Tracks of the Month (October 1996)

Onto part nine of my 1996 roundup. As a reminder, I’m marking twenty years of writing about music (my writing long pre-dates this website going live) across this year with a monthly look at ten releases from 1996, where possible in chronological order. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 273: Tracks of the Month (October 1996)”

Tuesday Ten: 184: Tracks of the Month (August 2013)

Christ, this year is going quick. As we head into September (and autumn), there is a huge glut of new music hurtling our way, this month I’m looking at some stuff already released, and some of the good stuff coming our way. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 184: Tracks of the Month (August 2013)”

Into the Pit: 134: Mazzy Star – Live at Shepherds Bush – 03-June 2012

The gig the night before this was a late addition to the roster, so this, in some respects, was the gig that was the planned beginning of a long summer of shows. Ten gigs between 03-June and 22-July, before I get a break in the run-up to Infest. Like last year, I’m going to have issues picking the best shows from the multitude I’ve already seen, never mind what is to come. Read more “Into the Pit: 134: Mazzy Star – Live at Shepherds Bush – 03-June 2012”

Tuesday Ten: 145: Tracks of the Month (October 2011)

Another month already – and time for my usual monthly rundown of the best tracks of the month. As is usual, this will be the last monthly rundown of the year – December will see my end of year roundups. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 145: Tracks of the Month (October 2011)”

Countdown: 1990s: Tracks: 40-21

Last but one – those just outside the top twenty. Read more “Countdown: 1990s: Tracks: 40-21”

Tuesday Ten: 035: 90s I

A few weeks ago I covered ten of my favourite 80s albums. The 90s were the decade where I seriously got into music, and because of the disparate genres I listen to, there is simply no way that I can narrow this down to ten. So, my favourite albums of the 90s is split into two parts, and the second part will follow next Tuesday. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 035: 90s I”

Tuesday Ten: 005: North American 90s Alternative

My prelidiction for music lists at the moment may be coming across all a bit High Fidelity, but it is in the main me rummaging through the boxes of musical history in my mind – that and I am finding it quite a lot of fun hunting through the archives of YouTube. In addition, of course, it is far easier being able to let you hear/see what I am talking about – I would rather not post mp3s here, and with Youtube being as good as it is for this nowadays, I don't have to.
Read more “Tuesday Ten: 005: North American 90s Alternative”