Tuesday Ten: 273: Tracks of the Month (October 1996)

Onto part nine of my 1996 roundup. As a reminder, I’m marking twenty years of writing about music (my writing long pre-dates this website going live) across this year with a monthly look at ten releases from 1996, where possible in chronological order. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 273: Tracks of the Month (October 1996)”

Tuesday Ten: 218: 2015 and upcoming music

The start of a new year, so it is time for my usual round-up of music coming our way soon (here is last years). Sources are, as usual, a selection of direct band and label sources and press reports, and are believed correct at the time of writing. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 218: 2015 and upcoming music”

Tuesday Ten: 186: Television, the Drug of the Nation

Firstly, with apologies for the lack of content (comparatively) recently. Things have been rather chaotic in my life (far too many things from all sides) that have meant that a fair amount of writing for this site that I’ve had planned has either had to be delayed or shelved. As things – hopefully! – seem to be settling again now, let’s crank up the volume a bit. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 186: Television, the Drug of the Nation”

Tuesday Ten: 089: Better Covers

Firstly, further to last week, can I also suggest that following an advert for this seen at the weekend, that there is a seperate circle of hell reserved for it? Read more “Tuesday Ten: 089: Better Covers”

Tuesday Ten: 067: Tracks of the Month (March 2009)

Only just got this collated in time, but it's time for my usual ten tracks of the past month. Lots of new stuff to cover, so let's get on with it. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 067: Tracks of the Month (March 2009)”

Tuesday Ten: 029: All You Need Is Hate

A little bit of a change this week, with a slightly more abstract theme. It was probably the hardest list I have compiled yet, too: and other interpretations on the theme are welcome. So what is the theme? Hate. Hate comes in many different forms, and surprisingly it was a little harder than I was expecting to find ten songs about hatred… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 029: All You Need Is Hate”

Tuesday Ten: 025: The Most Disappointing Albums of 2007

This week's TT is the first of four "end of the year" lists that will come between now and Christmas, one each Tuesday, detailing my best – and worst – of the year. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 025: The Most Disappointing Albums of 2007”

Tuesday Ten: 021: Overplayed Videos

Like many others, I while away the odd evening watching some of the music channels on cable. And sometimes, there is even something good on. And a look at the playlist pages may make you weep if you are looking for something different. Kerrang TV‘s playlist has vanished (leaving a blank page – perhaps they were embarrassed to mention that their playlist has remained effectively static for aeons), while Scuzz’s playlist has some stuff that really is rather tired. At least MTV2 make an effort to play something different every now and again – for the other channels each top 50 is a rehash of the last. Perhaps I’m just watching at the wrong times of the day. But when the likes of Headbangers Ball is at 0100 on a weeknight, what chance do I have? Read more “Tuesday Ten: 021: Overplayed Videos”