Tuesday Ten: 289: European Me

I toyed with the idea of a post celebrating Europe last summer around the referendum vote, but frankly, I was too damned down about the whole thing to even consider it. Debate has raged, of course, in the press, in person, on social media, just about everywhere, and there is certainly no doubt that the country is probably even further away from consensus than it ever was. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 289: European Me”

Countdown: 2016: Gigs

This has been a quiet year. Read more “Countdown: 2016: Gigs”

Tuesday Ten: 268: Notable People in Song

I’ve mentioned before that I have a notes file (saved in multiple locations) that I’ve used since I started this Tuesday Ten series back in 2007. As a result, I have ideas and concepts for lists that have languished half-completed for years, while others get thought of and posted within weeks. I guess it is all about inspiration. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 268: Notable People in Song”

Tuesday Ten: 237: (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang

In a time where far-right sentiment is ever more in the news again – see this disturbing story from Liverpool this week, the sentencing of a fourteen-year-old boy for a racist knife attack on a teacher in Bradford, demonising of immigrants, apparent revisionism over Golden Dawn in Greece, or upvoting of Nazi propaganda on the Daily Mail website – I realised recently that I’ve never actually covered this subject directly for a Tuesday Ten. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 237: (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang”

Tuesday Ten: 219: Outros

One of the interesting things about writing this series is that occasionally one post (and not necessarily at the time of writing it!) will inspire another, and then will have me wondering how I didn’t think of it before. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 219: Outros”

Countdown: 2014: Gigs

This year: 170 bands, 57 days-worth of gigs. Five festivals, three countries, eight cities/towns. From venues holding thousands to those holding tens. Due to personal issues and, frankly, being too damned busy for much of the year, I didn’t get to write about many of them aside from the festivals, so writing this list has really taxed the powers of my memory. Read more “Countdown: 2014: Gigs”

Countdown: 2014: Tracks

Here we go, then, with the run-down of the best tracks of 2014 – according to me, anyway. 2014 has been an odd year, as friends will know – life has rather got in the way in a number of respects, which has cut down the amount of writing I’ve been able to do, but that hasn’t stopped me buying and enjoying music. Read more “Countdown: 2014: Tracks”

Tuesday Ten: 210: 1994

There has been a lot of “twenty years since…” features this year on “classic” albums. But then, the more I think about it, 1994 really was quite an awesome year for what we call alternative music in its various forms. I was sixteen that summer, and the torrent of new music covered all kinds of bases, pushed forward genres into new realms, resulted in some strikingly unusual and unique releases. Notably I still listen to many of the albums regularly today, even while I try and keep up with new music too. So, in a slightly self-indulgent post, here are ten albums from that time that still mean something to me today. It could actually have been twenty or thirty albums that I featured, and I may return to this in one form or another later in the year to cover those that I couldn’t fit in here (and at least two suggested featured in my perfect album series recently). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 210: 1994”