Tuesday Ten: 287: Tracks of the Month (March 1997)

Ten years of Tens. 287 posts, featuring 1,261 artists, 2,121 tracks, 1,817 albums, and 93 tracks from 81 artists named track of the month. In addition, there have been 42 best-of-year posts (actually going back as far as 2004), and run-downs of the best of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s (which was across a total of 27 posts, and they will go back online soon). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 287: Tracks of the Month (March 1997)”

Tuesday Ten: 179: Hitchin’ A Ride

I’ve looked at this kind of thing before, but from a different viewpoint (024: Changing Direction), where bands changed direction decisively for what they would likely protest is “artistic reasons”. I’m taking a different tack this week, and it is inspired by a few things (like many of these posts, they are frequently in the works for some time!), but the impetus this week has been thanks to the shitfit caused by one or two prominent industrial bands daring to incorporate other influences, and, you know, not being KVLT or something.
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2011 in Review: Best Albums

During 2011 I bought an awful lot of albums. at least 75, in fact. And so many that some that might have made it in a normal year ended up being missed off this list. So there may well be a “what I overlooked” post at the end of the year, just to ensure that everything I wanted to mention at some point gets included somehow. Still, I’d rather have this problem than have too little to write about… Next week: Gigs of the year. Read more “2011 in Review: Best Albums”

Tuesday Ten: 134: Tracks of the Month (June 2011)

Ok, so it’s my usual monthly roundup of ten songs you should hear. Or go back and listen to again if you have already. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 134: Tracks of the Month (June 2011)”

Tuesday Ten: 107: Stuck on Repeat

When I first thought about it, this was inspired by a seemingly never-ending parade of bands who seem to have come up with nothing new themselves that I keep hearing. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 107: Stuck on Repeat”

2009 in review: Best Gigs

Today’s Tuesday Ten is slightly different to the norm. Mainly because I’ve not been to that many gigs this year, here are five of them worth mentioning. Read more “2009 in review: Best Gigs”

Memory of a Festival: 007: Sonisphere 2009

After a night DJing at Autonomy, my girlfriend couldn’t make the next day, so one of my best friends joined me to head south to Sonisphere instead. I’d declined the recently-won tickets earlier in the week, but much to my surprise they arrived on the Saturday, and the decision was taken that we should go anyway, at least for the Sunday (especially as that was the day when most of the bands I wanted to see were on). Read more “Memory of a Festival: 007: Sonisphere 2009”

Tuesday Ten: 036: 90s II

As promised last week, here is the second part of my favourite albums of the 90s. Same rules as before, this time the list takes a more metallic edge, perhaps. These ten are in chronological order, just about, by the way. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 036: 90s II”

2007 in review: Best Albums

Part three of my round-up of the year, and this week it is my albums of the year. Despite my reservations recently that there hadn’t been an awful lot to recommend for 2007, it turns out that there are actually quite a lot. Read more “2007 in review: Best Albums”