Tuesday Ten: 277: Here Comes The Flood (Environmental Songs)

This Friday, what was potentially unthinkable (and very unlikely indeed) a year ago will happen – Donald Trump gets inaugurated as 45th President of the United States of America. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 277: Here Comes The Flood (Environmental Songs)”

Tuesday Ten: 249: Communication Breakdown (Telephones and Music)

Yesterday marked fifteen years since I began my career working in Mobile Telecoms. Back in February 2001, things were very different in my life. I was recovering from a nasty accident (I shattered my ankle after being hit by a car late in 2000), on crutches, and hobbled into a new job with what was then BT Cellnet in the outer reaches of south Leeds. That employer became O2, a few of my friends joined the company too (and one or two are still there!), and I moved on after four years, and joined later in 2005 an independent mobile telecoms reseller in Sheffield. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 249: Communication Breakdown (Telephones and Music)”

Tuesday Ten: 082: Life In The City

This week, it’s time to revisit a list I’ve had partially completed for weeks. It’s all about life in the city. I love living in the city, and indeed have done so for much of my life. I love the bustle, the crowded streets, the fast pace of life, and the fact that there is also something to do, and something to keep you going. On the flipside, sometimes they can be a place to lose yourself in, as they have to me sometimes become the loneliest place of all. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 082: Life In The City”