Tuesday Ten: 276/Welcome to the Future: 003: New Music for 2017

2017 on amodelofcontrol.com begins with a look at what’s to come in the realm of music that I cover. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 276/Welcome to the Future: 003: New Music for 2017”

Tuesday Ten: 258: That’s why múm has gone to Ísland

For a country with a population of 330,000 – and a total area of 102,000km2 (in comparison, England has a total area of 130,000km2 and a population of 54 million) – Iceland has a remarkable musical heritage. Obviously it goes back a long way, Iceland having a well-recorded history going back into the first millenium BC, and some of that folk music developed over a long period is covered at the exceptional Skógar Museum in the south of the island (founded by Þórður Tómasson, now well into his nineties and I believe still going strong).
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Countdown: 2014: Gigs

This year: 170 bands, 57 days-worth of gigs. Five festivals, three countries, eight cities/towns. From venues holding thousands to those holding tens. Due to personal issues and, frankly, being too damned busy for much of the year, I didn’t get to write about many of them aside from the festivals, so writing this list has really taxed the powers of my memory. Read more “Countdown: 2014: Gigs”

Memory of a Festival: 022: Infest 2014

A sign I’m clearly getting old – this was my fourteenth Infest. God, time flies. This year was perhaps a bit special for a number of reasons, though, at least partly down to the fact that this edition very nearly didn’t happen, and in the event it is a damned good thing that it did happen, as this summer would have been a hell of a dead zone both musically and socially in our corner of the music world.
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Tuesday Ten: 194: Tracks of the Month (January 2014)

Before I get started with the first new tracks roundup of 2014, let’s have a quick roundup of the frankly staggering set of new albums announced/confirmed in the past week, a few of which will no doubt end up on a future Tuesday Ten round-up like this: Read more “Tuesday Ten: 194: Tracks of the Month (January 2014)”

Tuesday Ten: 190: 2014 and upcoming music

To open each new year, I’ve for some years now posted a rundown of new music coming your way. This year is no exception, but it seems that there is less music coming that I might have expected. But then, I’m probably missing a few things! Anyway – this year, in addition to the full list further down the page, I’ve picked five albums I’m really looking forward to hearing. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 190: 2014 and upcoming music”

Countdown: 2012: Albums

As I noted last week, 2012 really was a good year for music, as far as I was concerned, including a number of new discoveries. Read more “Countdown: 2012: Albums”

Countdown: 2012: Tracks

Yet again, this list was a tough one. 2012 actually ended up being an impressive year for new music, as far as I was concerned, it just didn’t all come from the corners that I was expecting. Read more “Countdown: 2012: Tracks”