Tuesday Ten: 289: European Me

I toyed with the idea of a post celebrating Europe last summer around the referendum vote, but frankly, I was too damned down about the whole thing to even consider it. Debate has raged, of course, in the press, in person, on social media, just about everywhere, and there is certainly no doubt that the country is probably even further away from consensus than it ever was. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 289: European Me”

Best of 2016: Gigs

This has been a quiet year. Read more “Best of 2016: Gigs”

Into the Pit: 192: Laibach – Live at The Forum Kentish Town – 12-April 2016

I’m struggling to think of a single band in “our thing” that has had as much mainstream coverage – as in appearing in the news, not just in the music press – as Laibach did last year when their show in North Korea was announced.
Read more “Into the Pit: 192: Laibach – Live at The Forum Kentish Town – 12-April 2016”

2014 in review: Best Albums

Week three of the amodelofcontrol.com roundup of 2014, and this is, I guess, the big one. The albums of the year. Read more “2014 in review: Best Albums”

But Listen: 138: Laibach – Spectre

Whatever your opinion on Laibach, it is perhaps hard to disagree that even after over thirty years active, anything they release is at least worth talking about. Over their career they have cast their critical eye over mainstream pop music, covering fixtures in the pop canon with, er, surprising results, uncovered hitherto unnoticed totalitarian leanings in other pop hits, examined their balkan heritage, classical reinterpretations, reworkings of national anthems and even, once in a while, joining the herd and making a better and more enduring industrial anthem than any of their peers. So in this time of apparent political instability in Europe, it cannot be a surprise that this most politically vocal (as opposed to active, the distinction is important) band have turned their attention to recent events. Read more “But Listen: 138: Laibach – Spectre”

Tuesday Ten: 197: Bigmouth Strikes Again

Having controversial opinions, of course, sells records, but can also be a catalyst for change. So, here are ten artists who to varying degrees, have made controversial opinions, music and imagery talking points – and selling points. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 197: Bigmouth Strikes Again”

Tuesday Ten: 190: 2014 and upcoming music

To open each new year, I’ve for some years now posted a rundown of new music coming your way. This year is no exception, but it seems that there is less music coming that I might have expected. But then, I’m probably missing a few things! Anyway – this year, in addition to the full list further down the page, I’ve picked five albums I’m really looking forward to hearing. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 190: 2014 and upcoming music”

Tuesday Ten: 188: Tracks of the Month (October 2013)

This will be the last monthly roundup of 2013, as at the beginning of December I will be turning my attention – as usual – to rounding up the year in music. There has been a hell of a lot to consider, too, as 2013 has been something of a bumper year for music as far as I’m concerned. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 188: Tracks of the Month (October 2013)”

Tuesday Ten: 175: Science Fiction – Double Feature

Time again to delve into an area I’ve touched upon before, but in different ways. Back in the distant past I’ve looked at songs about space (Tuesday Ten: 079), and robots (Tuesday Ten: 063), but remarkably I’ve never looked in general at science-fiction in music. So, time to right the wrong, and go boldly beyond… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 175: Science Fiction – Double Feature”

Tuesday Ten: 174: Live Albums

So…I’ve looked at the best gigs, live venues, and gigs at the London Astoria, bands at Infest, bands I’ve *not* seen live…but I’ve never had a look at live albums, somehow, as my girlfriend pointed out last week. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 174: Live Albums”