Tuesday Ten: 199: As Seen On TV

The television appearance is an important part of the promotional armoury. Not a video (I’ve covered these in various posts before), but simply a live* rendition of a current song that maybe gets a band out to an audience that otherwise might not know about them. I’ve also excluded TV-aired festival appearances, too. One thing, though, is that those opportunities for TV slots are greatly diminished nowadays, so most of this list goes back a bit… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 199: As Seen On TV”

Tuesday Ten: 189: Remembrance and War

While I’ve covered nuclear war (Tuesday Ten: 109), various other parts of past history (Tuesday Ten: 047), not to mention American Politics (Tuesday Ten: 056), I’ve never looked directly at war (although judging on my notes I’ve certainly looked at the idea in the past). And in this week of Remembrance Day, it is maybe time to do so at last in more detail. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 189: Remembrance and War”

Tuesday Ten: 050: The Female of the Species

Today marks the 50th Tuesday Ten since I started doing these back in March 2007. And while I thought I might run out of ideas quite quickly for subjects for this, somehow they just keep flowing. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 050: The Female of the Species”