Tuesday Ten: 264: Tracks of the Month (June 2016)

These are turbulent times in the UK at least at the moment – with the prospect of choppy waters elsewhere too in 2016 – and it has rather been sapping my will to write, among other things.
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Tuesday Ten: 222: KMFDM – Thirty Years of The Ultra-Heavy Beat

During 2014, KMFDM turned thirty years old. One of the great survivors of industrial music, their often guitar-heavy take on industrial certainly gained them a wider audience than perhaps they would have otherwise have reached, but frankly their ear for a tune and monstrous choruses probably helped too. Saying that, though, they have their fair share of detractors, too, particularly over their habit of rarely straying too far from their formula. But then, if it ain’t broke… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 222: KMFDM – Thirty Years of The Ultra-Heavy Beat”

Tuesday Ten: 215: Tracks of the Month (October 2014)

A bit later than usual – Whitby and general life issues rather got in the way – and this of course will be the last new tracks roundup of 2014, as I’ll be doing the best of 2014 lists from early December as usual. And this is the first of two posts this morning. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 215: Tracks of the Month (October 2014)”

2013 in Review: Disappointments

Regular readers will be well used to this by now – at the end of each year, I round up my year in music over the course of successive weeks. This year there will be five posts, the dates of which are shown below. I’ve not had the time to write as many reviews as I’d like to have done this year (the second half of the year in particular has been horrendously busy and stressful), which means that perhaps I’ve not been able to do justice to what has been released or played this year. In addition, this is the tenth year of my end of year lists, so at some point I’ll be having a quick look back at what has topped the lists over the years. Read more “2013 in Review: Disappointments”

KMFDM – Live at Islington – 19-November 2011

A bit of a late start for me on this one – my third gig attended in a week – and as a result I missed the first two support bands, and indeed only just got into the venue in time to see most of the Global Citizen set. I’ve heard a few positive things about this band in the past, so I was quite keen to see what the fuss was about. Read more “KMFDM – Live at Islington – 19-November 2011”

2011 in review: Best Tracks

This is the eighth year that I’ve done a rundown of the music released in the past year – and every year I seem to end up with more material to cover. Read more “2011 in review: Best Tracks”