Tuesday Ten: 272: Tracks of the Month (September 2016)

Post-Cold Waves V, it’s been a time for getting things done and catching up. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 272: Tracks of the Month (September 2016)”

Tuesday Ten: 237: (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang

In a time where far-right sentiment is ever more in the news again – see this disturbing story from Liverpool this week, the sentencing of a fourteen-year-old boy for a racist knife attack on a teacher in Bradford, demonising of immigrants, apparent revisionism over Golden Dawn in Greece, or upvoting of Nazi propaganda on the Daily Mail website – I realised recently that I’ve never actually covered this subject directly for a Tuesday Ten. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 237: (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang”

Tuesday Ten: 209: Tracks of the Month (July 2014)

It’s unlikely that there will be much more content on amodelofcontrol.com for the coming week – I’ve got a busy few days before my birthday on Saturday, and I’m spending the whole weekend at Bloodstock. Needless to say there will be a review of said festival from my perspective online next week. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 209: Tracks of the Month (July 2014)”

Sulpher – Live at Underworld – 30-September 2012

The perils of gig venues wanting to run club nights as well as gigs on Friday and Saturday evenings often means that said gigs are pushed forward to start absurdly early. In smaller cities, I could understand this – but in a city like London, opening the doors for a gig at 1800 on a Friday night is only going to do one thing, which is to reduce the early turnout. Read more “Sulpher – Live at Underworld – 30-September 2012”

Tuesday Ten: 151: All My Best Friends Are Metalheads

Call this an exercise in free advertising if you like, but I’ve always been happy to recommend and write about music that is released by people that I consider friends. I’d be lying if I said that I like every moment of every release by each artist here, but I’d much rather offer honest opinions than a simpering ‘yeah, that’s great’. And more importantly, all of the bands mentioned here either have new releases coming and/or are playing live soon. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 151: All My Best Friends Are Metalheads”

2010 in Review: Best Gigs

The problem with my gig-going in 2010 wasn’t that I went to too few, or too many – although for various reasons I did miss a number of gigs I really wanted to see – but that trying to narrow the best of the year down to ten was probably as difficult as it has ever been. So a couple of gigs that I perhaps would otherwise have included didn’t make the cut. Read more “2010 in Review: Best Gigs”

Front Line Assembly – Live in Islington – 20-July 2010

I’ve recently been raving about Concrete Lung‘s debut EP (my 9/10 review here), so I have been keen to see them live to see how it translates in the live arena. Happily, the answer is resoundingly positive. Read more “Front Line Assembly – Live in Islington – 20-July 2010”

Tuesday Ten: 093: Tracks of the Month (February 2010)

Not having picked up much new music in recent weeks, it has given me a chance at last to try and catch up a little with various promo items and things have that come my way, that I may have missed mentioning at the time or hadn’t got ’round to listening to yet. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 093: Tracks of the Month (February 2010)”