Talk Show Host: 030: This Morn’ Omina

Here at I’ve come to appreciate over the years that interviewing bands – I prefer e-mail than to be transcribing Skype interviews, partly as trying to schedule them is very difficult indeed too! – can often tell me (and of course my readers) so much more than just a review. After all, I’m only interpreting what I hear in reviews. Talking to artists themselves gives me far more of an insight, at least in some cases, into their thoughts and processes when it comes to producing music. Read more “Talk Show Host: 030: This Morn’ Omina”

Talk Show Host: 029: PIG

One of the more surprising – and great – returns last year was the return of Raymond Watts’ long-running project <PIG>. After a US tour last year, that I caught at Cold Waves in Chicago, the first <PIG> UK dates in years were announced recently. So I thought it the right time to catch up with Raymond Watts to talk all things porcine. Read more “Talk Show Host: 029: PIG”

Talk Show Host: 024: Dead When I Found Her

About a year ago, I spoke with Michael Holloway of Dead When I Found Her, to get an insight into his thinking around industrial music and the dense, complex soundscapes that he creates. The album All The Way Down ended up being the amodelofcontrol Best Album for 2015 (to follow Rag Doll Blues getting the same honour in 2012), and with the success of it, and a follow-up album already imminent, I caught up with Michael again on e-mail to update on things. Read more “Talk Show Host: 024: Dead When I Found Her”

Talk Show Host: 023: Cygnets

The wonders of the internet mean that it is now possible to discover bands from afar, and talk and enthuse about said bands without (always) having to spend considerable sums of money travelling to see them or purchase their music. Now, things are much easier, but there is perhaps more to sift through first. Read more “Talk Show Host: 023: Cygnets”