Tuesday Ten: 186: Television, the Drug of the Nation

Firstly, with apologies for the lack of content (comparatively) recently. Things have been rather chaotic in my life (far too many things from all sides) that have meant that a fair amount of writing for this site that I’ve had planned has either had to be delayed or shelved. As things – hopefully! – seem to be settling again now, let’s crank up the volume a bit. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 186: Television, the Drug of the Nation”

Countdown: 1990s: Tracks: 160-141

The third instalment of this lengthy rundown. Read more “Countdown: 1990s: Tracks: 160-141”

Tuesday Ten: 070: The Sound of Summer?

Driving down to Cambridge on a warm summer’s day last Sunday got Daisy and I thinking about songs that we associate with the summer. Certainly there are some songs that simply “work” better, or suit my mood more, when the sun is shining (and likewise similar happens with other songs during the winter). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 070: The Sound of Summer?”

Tuesday Ten: 024: Changing Direction

Many bands change their output over time, often as a concious decision to evolve their sound. Sometimes it is an incremental process, and is often welcomed.


Then again, there are then times when a more drastic move in style is greeting with heresy by the fans. I’ve seen some of my favourite bands do both, and it is with that in mind that fuels this week’s TT. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 024: Changing Direction”