Tuesday Ten: 290: Why Don’t You Get A Job?

I passed seven years working for the same employer recently (by some considerable distance the longest I’ve worked for one company in the two decades that I’ve had jobs), and while things haven’t always been plain sailing, currently I’ve got the kind of role I wanted. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 290: Why Don’t You Get A Job?”

Tuesday Ten: 111: Betrayal

This week, I’m looking at being betrayed. It’s all thanks to one of these songs coming up on my iPod the other day and getting my mind thinking. It wasn’t hard to find ten songs, either. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 111: Betrayal”

Tuesday Ten: 059: Tracks of the Month (January 2009)

A bit later than normal, but here are my "tracks of the month" for this month. The next one of these will now be at the start of March. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 059: Tracks of the Month (January 2009)”

Tuesday Ten: 058: 2008’s Voyage of Discovery

For perhaps the first year in a while, 2008 was very much about new music for me at least. Or, put another away, new musical discoveries. Some of these artists were new, some of them were not, and others I had totally missed along the way – and various people have prompted me to give them a listen. So much music, particularly away from the "mainstream", is discovered by word-of-mouth. Into 2009 I will continue carping on about bands new and old on here, and on Last.fm, and hopefully others will too. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 058: 2008’s Voyage of Discovery”