2015 in Review: Best Albums

This week, on part three, I turn my attention to the best albums of the year. I seem to say it every year, but really – 2015 has been an extraordinary year for alternative music, you’ve just got to have been looking in the right places to find some of it. Not all of it has been what you might expect – one of the most interesting trends of late has been some cross-pollination of genres that is really resulting in some extraordinary music. Read more “2015 in Review: Best Albums”

Tuesday Ten: 234: Tracks of the Month (June 2015)

Another busy month, mainly preoccupied with gigs (I saw nine separate shows last month). In between that, though, there has been a lot of new music and a lot to write about. Two interviews coming very soon, as well as a couple of new reviews in the works. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 234: Tracks of the Month (June 2015)”

Alice In Chains + GHOST – Live at Alexandra Palace – 09-November 2013

After a period with only one gig in a month, this was a return to gigging again, the first of ten shows or so between now and Christmas. And for this one, it was my first ever visit to Alexandra Palace for a gig (somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit), and while well organised – few queues getting in, friendly staff amongst other pleasures – I couldn’t help feeling that the food/drink court area was priced at an extraordinary level (a fiver for a pint of Fosters, for example). Read more “Alice In Chains + GHOST – Live at Alexandra Palace – 09-November 2013”

Tuesday Ten: 176: Depeche Mode covers

I’ve had this on my “to do” list of Tuesday Tens for about two years, but to be honest I’ve been awaiting the right moment to use it. But with a new (rather lacklustre) DM album, the O2 shows this week (where I finally see them live after years of waiting), and an intriguing new cover released this past week, it has finally got me inspired to complete it and get it posted.
Read more “Tuesday Ten: 176: Depeche Mode covers”

Jägermeister Music Tour 2013 – GHOST + Gojira – Live at Brixton – 24-March 2013

We missed the marvellously named Feed The Rhino, but we did get there in time for The Defiled, and I was left a little confused. Their image is straight out of the Kerrang metalcore styling manual, all crazy hair and grubby-looking (but likely relatively expensive) outfits, and their music is admittedly pretty punishing. Ok, so the constant double-kick-drums get really quite tiring after, oh, two songs, but the electronic effects that burble underneath, and frequently turn into phenomenal, sub-bass shocks, make them stand out a bit at least. Saying that, though, their songs were so one-dimensional, at least to my ears.

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