2015 in Review: Best Albums

This week, on part three, I turn my attention to the best albums of the year. I seem to say it every year, but really – 2015 has been an extraordinary year for alternative music, you’ve just got to have been looking in the right places to find some of it. Not all of it has been what you might expect – one of the most interesting trends of late has been some cross-pollination of genres that is really resulting in some extraordinary music. Read more “2015 in Review: Best Albums”

2015 in Review: Best Tracks

Week two of the amodelofcontrol.com review of 2015, and it’s onto the Best Tracks. Read more “2015 in Review: Best Tracks”

Tuesday Ten: 221: Tracks of the Month (January 2015)

As always as we enter February, it feels like an eternity since I last did a Tracks of the Month post, and it was, I guess – the last one was on 11-November. In the time since Christmas, too, there has been a glut of new music starting to appear, and here are ten of the best I’ve come across so far in 2015. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 221: Tracks of the Month (January 2015)”

Six By Seven – Live at The Lexington N1 – 24-July 2013

2013 has been a mightily odd year for music. While we’ve seen, for better or worse, no end of bands returning after long breaks, reforming or just keeping on going – with a seeming lack of new bands in certain areas – it has been quite astounding just how good many of those returns have been. And as I’d hoped when seeing the band live on their first two appearances in London this year, this third appearance and the recently released new album have confirmed absolutely that we can add Six By Seven to the list of triumphant returns. Read more “Six By Seven – Live at The Lexington N1 – 24-July 2013”