Countdown: 2016: Gigs

This has been a quiet year. Read more “Countdown: 2016: Gigs”

Countdown: 2016: Albums

Part three of the round-up of 2016 comes to you from the final week of our honeymoon (from the warm sunshine of the Dominican Republic). Sorry, not sorry. Read more “Countdown: 2016: Albums”

Countdown: 2016: Tracks

Part two of my 2016 round-up is being posted from Los Angeles, so hello from there. Read more “Countdown: 2016: Tracks”

Talk Show Host: 024: Dead When I Found Her

About a year ago, I spoke with Michael Holloway of Dead When I Found Her, to get an insight into his thinking around industrial music and the dense, complex soundscapes that he creates. The album All The Way Down ended up being the amodelofcontrol Best Album for 2015 (to follow Rag Doll Blues getting the same honour in 2012), and with the success of it, and a follow-up album already imminent, I caught up with Michael again on e-mail to update on things. Read more “Talk Show Host: 024: Dead When I Found Her”

Memory of a Festival: 027: Cold Waves V

For the third year running – although it was a bit touch-and-go this year with the wedding and everything else, and my wife chose not to come along this time – the last weekend of September meant a trip 3,960 miles to the west of London. To the city of Chicago, to catch up with friends from far and wide, to enjoy a cool city…and attend Cold Waves, a festival of industrial music that commemorates, and celebrates, the life and loss of Jamie Duffy. It also raises a ton of money for good causes, and is generally a hell of a good time that has become a fixture in the calendar for many of us, no matter how far we have to travel. Read more “Memory of a Festival: 027: Cold Waves V”

Memory of a Festival: 026: Infest 2016

Over the weekend of this year’s Infest, there was some discussion over the current state of the industrial (and wider) scene. In many other scenes – or indeed in “mainstream” popular music, there is an air of nostalgia as record labels struggling with new sales, are relying heavily on reissues of the old, particularly on vinyl. Read more “Memory of a Festival: 026: Infest 2016”

Countdown: 2015: Albums

This week, on part three, I turn my attention to the best albums of the year. I seem to say it every year, but really – 2015 has been an extraordinary year for alternative music, you’ve just got to have been looking in the right places to find some of it. Not all of it has been what you might expect – one of the most interesting trends of late has been some cross-pollination of genres that is really resulting in some extraordinary music. Read more “Countdown: 2015: Albums”

But Listen: 146: Dead When I Found Her – All The Way Down

The subject of death is a strange one in music. After all, none of us alive have personally experienced it, by the very virtue that we’re still alive. We might have been close to it, or lost loved ones, but we’ve not actually gone through the process ourselves. So perhaps uniquely for a subject used so much in music, it is always a second-hand view.
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Tuesday Ten: 245: Spooky

Thanks to doing some planning in advance for my DJ sets at the GVWI Hallowe’en Party on Saturday, the inspiration hit me quite quickly to consider a Ten based upon the spooky goings-on around Hallowe’en. Some are directly relevant, some are on themes appropriate for the subject. Either way, consider it a relation to previous Tuesday Ten: 126. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 245: Spooky”

Talk Show Host: 014: Dead When I Found Her

For the latest in my series of interviews with artists I’ve been writing about in the last few years, I’m ecstatic to be able to bring you what became a lengthy and fascinating exchange with an artist I’ve been writing about for a good few years, since his debut arrived, and is about to release his third album.

Michael Holloway of Dead When I Found Her opens up about his new album, his inspirations, and thoughts on industrial music and how he sees it taking the style forward.
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Tuesday Ten: 218: 2015 and upcoming music

The start of a new year, so it is time for my usual round-up of music coming our way soon (here is last years). Sources are, as usual, a selection of direct band and label sources and press reports, and are believed correct at the time of writing. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 218: 2015 and upcoming music”

Countdown: 2012: Albums

As I noted last week, 2012 really was a good year for music, as far as I was concerned, including a number of new discoveries. Read more “Countdown: 2012: Albums”

Countdown: 2012: Tracks

Yet again, this list was a tough one. 2012 actually ended up being an impressive year for new music, as far as I was concerned, it just didn’t all come from the corners that I was expecting. Read more “Countdown: 2012: Tracks”

But Listen: 126: Dead When I Found Her – Rag Doll Blues

Many smaller labels in the industrial scene are lucky if they release one truly extraordinary album over a period of a few years, but I’m beginning to think that Artoffact are more than just lucky in picking their artists. In recent years they have released truly brilliant albums from Urceus Exit, Saltillo, v01d, and then North American/CD releases for Chrysalide, AAIMON and Necro Facility. And, of course, the first DWIFH album, Harm’s Way, which appeared during 2010 out of nowhere to a whole lot of acclaim and a swift rising in profile.
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Tuesday Ten: 148: Tracks of the Month (January 2012)

The first new music coverage of 2012 from me (the best of the past month or two, anyway). So new stuff, and a dusting of the old, too. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 148: Tracks of the Month (January 2012)”

Countdown: 2010: Tracks

There has been so much good music this year – as well as a few stinkers, frankly, but let’s not dwell on those, at least for now – that for the first time ever in a year roundup I’ve stretched this one out to cover 25 songs, and I’ve still had to miss a couple of things out. Read more “Countdown: 2010: Tracks”

Tuesday Ten: 115: Haven’t You Heard?

This week, my Tuesday Ten is a bit later than usual, but still on a Tuesday. It’s all about bands you probably haven’t heard of. Of course, there are some of you that have. Hence the probably. Then again, if you know me well enough, you might well have heard me carp on about a few of these bands at least once. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 115: Haven’t You Heard?”