Tuesday Ten: 279: Tracks of the Month (January 1997)

Over last year – to mark twenty years since I began writing about music – I ran a series of posts looking at the music I was buying and listening to in 1996 (and that was released that year), partly to jog my memory and partly to dig into my formative musical influences a bit, too. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 279: Tracks of the Month (January 1997)”

But Listen: 143: Coal Chamber – Rivals

It’s kinda weird, really. One throwaway Facebook post a few months back resulted in a massive wave of nostalgic recollections from a whole host of my friends, which led to a surprisingly popular Tuesday Ten on the subject of Nu-Metal. It then got distinctly odd when the revival gathered pace, with yet more reformations and tours, JNCO trousers becoming available again, and then a UK package tour involving Coal Chamber, SOiL and Dope got announced, as well as the first new Coal Chamber album in twelve years or so. Read more “But Listen: 143: Coal Chamber – Rivals”

Tuesday Ten: 223: Break Stuff – Reappraising Nu-Metal?

Judging on the reaction to my linking last Friday to this article on my Facebook page, it appears that a particular subset of my friends have a past that involved dancing badly to Nu-Metal. So, by popular demand, here at amodelofcontrol.com we’re going to have a look at some of the much-maligned genre, which actually had it’s moments of brilliance, as well as moments that well-deserve a metaphorical critical shoeing. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 223: Break Stuff – Reappraising Nu-Metal?”

Tuesday Ten: 193: Perfect and Worst Albums

Following last week’s awesome fun of submissions from many of my readers and friends, I thought I probably ought to suggest my own to this. So this is a postscript, of sorts, offering five albums that I celebrate as being my idea of perfect albums. I’ve been careful to ensure that I haven’t repeated any artists from last week’s submissions, by the way. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 193: Perfect and Worst Albums”