Tuesday Ten: 299: Tracks of the Month (June 2017)

As I nudge toward Tuesday Ten: 300 next week (a milestone I never thought I’d reach), another month has passed and here we are again with the latest batch of new tracks to catch up on. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 299: Tracks of the Month (June 2017)”

Countdown: 2015: Albums

This week, on part three, I turn my attention to the best albums of the year. I seem to say it every year, but really – 2015 has been an extraordinary year for alternative music, you’ve just got to have been looking in the right places to find some of it. Not all of it has been what you might expect – one of the most interesting trends of late has been some cross-pollination of genres that is really resulting in some extraordinary music. Read more “Countdown: 2015: Albums”

Tuesday Ten: 246: Tracks of the Month (October 2015)

We are hurtling at what seems like great speed to the end of the year already, and as such this is now the last tracks of the month roundup of 2015 – and yes, it’s a week late. The delay was for a couple of reasons – a chaotic, drunken and messy Whitby for one, and then a slew of great new songs released that weekend that I wanted to check out first. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 246: Tracks of the Month (October 2015)”

Talk Show Host: 013: Beauty Queen Autopsy

Welcome to a different world. Sometimes I’m not a particular fan of side-projects, mainly as in my view they often detract from the main event – but here, with Beauty Queen Autopsy, this is some way away from what Matt Fanale (of Caustic) and Erica Mulkey (of Unwoman) might do on their own. A trip into the darker reaches of the imagination. Read more “Talk Show Host: 013: Beauty Queen Autopsy”

Countdown: 2014: Gigs

This year: 170 bands, 57 days-worth of gigs. Five festivals, three countries, eight cities/towns. From venues holding thousands to those holding tens. Due to personal issues and, frankly, being too damned busy for much of the year, I didn’t get to write about many of them aside from the festivals, so writing this list has really taxed the powers of my memory. Read more “Countdown: 2014: Gigs”

Memory of a Festival: 023: Cold Waves III

In the annals of crazy plans by me, this one was up there with Festival Kinetik 4.0 in 2011, where my friend Tim and I headed to Ottawa and then Montreal for a heavy, heavy week of music, drinking and sightseeing. Doing Cold Waves III came up from similar origins – a lineup too good to miss, and also a chance to catch up with friends who moved back to Chicago from London last year. Not to mention some sightseeing and drinking (and fantastic food), too. So, with not a great deal of notice comparatively, my financee and I headed the 3,950 miles westward across the Atlantic.
Read more “Memory of a Festival: 023: Cold Waves III”

But Listen: 108: Caustic – The Golden Vagina of Fame and Profit

Matt Fanale’s rise through the ranks has been steady and impressive. From self-released/his own label early on, via some high-profile live slots, to this album being released on Metropolis. The steady change in styles has been notable, too. From early material having more of an industrial noise slant, to dabbling in what can only be termed industrial punk, other electro-industrial realms, even aCaustic (arf) ballads, and more than anything putting aside the goofing around for something a little more serious.

Read more “But Listen: 108: Caustic – The Golden Vagina of Fame and Profit”

But Listen: 097: Caustic – …And You Will Know Me By The Trail of Vomit

It’s long been clear that Matt Fanale couldn’t give a flying fuck about what genre he should fit in, whether he is industrial or not, and what musical fashion he should be following. So after a bunch of well-received albums on Crunch Pod, he’s gone it alone with this one, self-releasing it. And not to mention making it available to download cheaply, alongside a limited run of CDs with hand-assembled covers. I’m not sure what his expectation was, but the CD run sold out pretty quickly, and (legal) downloads of this have been pretty brisk, too, which perhaps says a lot for building and engaging with a fanbase, as by doing that it’s pretty clear that they may be more likely to purchase future material.

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Countdown: 2000s: Tracks: 60-41

Continuing from last week, it’s time to move onto the third stage of my rundown of the last decade. Also, as this autumn marks twenty years of my being “into” alternative music, after this decade’s rundown there will be a similar one to follow for the 90s (for which the “draft” list we pulled together over the weekend consists of nearly 300 tracks!)… Read more “Countdown: 2000s: Tracks: 60-41”

Tuesday Ten: 059: Tracks of the Month (January 2009)

A bit later than normal, but here are my "tracks of the month" for this month. The next one of these will now be at the start of March. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 059: Tracks of the Month (January 2009)”

But Listen: 073: Various Artists – Savage Lands

Taking the long-lived idea of the split EP one step further, Savage Lands crowbars the work of four artists from different areas of the industrial noise landscape onto one long CD – seventy-nine minutes and six seconds worth, in fact.

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Tuesday Ten: 016: Tracks of the Month (August 2007)

So, the start of a new month, so it's time for my monthly run-down of tracks that I really like right now, and obviously it has something of an Infest bias for some of it… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 016: Tracks of the Month (August 2007)”

Memory of a Festival: 004: Infest 2007

So where exactly to start? This year marks of course ten years of Infest, a festival that has changed in subtle ways over the years. This one was my eighth, and it was fun the other week unearthing all the memories of past events before I forgot them forever. And as always, this year brought about about more things I’ll be fondly remembering in the future. Read more “Memory of a Festival: 004: Infest 2007”

Tuesday Ten: 006: Tracks of the Month (May 2007)

Another new month, so time for a rundown of my favourite tracks of the past month. I’m on the lookout for new things right now, stuff I may not have heard. Doesn’t matter what it is, send me links! Read more “Tuesday Ten: 006: Tracks of the Month (May 2007)”