Tuesday Ten: 290: Why Don’t You Get A Job?

I passed seven years working for the same employer recently (by some considerable distance the longest I’ve worked for one company in the two decades that I’ve had jobs), and while things haven’t always been plain sailing, currently I’ve got the kind of role I wanted. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 290: Why Don’t You Get A Job?”

Tuesday Ten: 282: Poker Face

A good few weeks ago, I was listening to an album and my thoughts came to the idea of songs about winning. But, then, I thought, what about losing? And after I asked for more suggestions from my ever-helpful friends on Facebook, it transpired that I had enough songs for winning, losing and gambling, too. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 282: Poker Face”

Tuesday Ten: 279: Tracks of the Month (January 1997)

Over last year – to mark twenty years since I began writing about music – I ran a series of posts looking at the music I was buying and listening to in 1996 (and that was released that year), partly to jog my memory and partly to dig into my formative musical influences a bit, too. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 279: Tracks of the Month (January 1997)”

Tuesday Ten: 247: London

Yeah, so I’ve kinda looked at this before (see box links), but I’ve never actually delved into songs about the city that is my home. And with it being six years last month since Daisy and I moved to Finsbury Park in North London (Daisy moving to London for the first time, me returning after a decade away), it seems an appropriate time to celebrate the city in music. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 247: London”

Tuesday Ten: 179: Hitchin’ A Ride

I’ve looked at this kind of thing before, but from a different viewpoint (024: Changing Direction), where bands changed direction decisively for what they would likely protest is “artistic reasons”. I’m taking a different tack this week, and it is inspired by a few things (like many of these posts, they are frequently in the works for some time!), but the impetus this week has been thanks to the shitfit caused by one or two prominent industrial bands daring to incorporate other influences, and, you know, not being KVLT or something.
Read more “Tuesday Ten: 179: Hitchin’ A Ride”

Tuesday Ten: 154: Here’s Tom With The Weather

A very British habit – and one of the cliched views of the British from around the world – is, apparently, to talk about the weather incessantly. I’ve never been sure why, but I guess with a changeable climate, the seemingly never-ending threat of rain (well, at least until the last few years where dry spells seem to get longer and longer), it is a good place to start a conversation. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 154: Here’s Tom With The Weather”

Tuesday Ten: 125: Numbers

It’s been a week of numbers. What with Daisy and mine’s sixth anniversary, yesterday being a year of me being in my current job, and at least two 40th birthdays in the past week – not to mention Daisy’s Grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary in three weeks time, and with nuclear fears in the news again from Japan, next month also marks 25 years since the Chernobyl Disaster. So let’s go for songs featuring numbers. A slightly random list, and a slightly random subject, but hey, on with the show. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 125: Numbers”

Tuesday Ten: 124: Food & Drink

I was a little surprised, I have to admit, when I realised just how many songs my partner and I could think of that reference, are tenuously linked to, or are actually about this week’s subject. So, what am I on about this week? Food and drink. That is, the non-alcoholic variety (I’ve covered alcohol before, of course, see the box). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 124: Food & Drink”

Tuesday Ten: 118: Product Placement

For this week’s Tuesday Ten, I’m going back to a list I’ve had on the back burner for bloody ages. That is, music on TV in the form of advertising. Always a contentious subject – there are probably just as many artists who flatly refuse to sell their music for use in this way as those that do – this list is taking a look at those who have done. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 118: Product Placement”