Tuesday Ten: 287: Tracks of the Month (March 1997)

Ten years of Tens. 287 posts, featuring 1,261 artists, 2,121 tracks, 1,817 albums, and 93 tracks from 81 artists named track of the month. In addition, there have been 42 best-of-year posts (actually going back as far as 2004), and run-downs of the best of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s (which was across a total of 27 posts, and they will go back online soon). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 287: Tracks of the Month (March 1997)”

Memory of a Festival: 026: Infest 2016

Over the weekend of this year’s Infest, there was some discussion over the current state of the industrial (and wider) scene. In many other scenes – or indeed in “mainstream” popular music, there is an air of nostalgia as record labels struggling with new sales, are relying heavily on reissues of the old, particularly on vinyl. Read more “Memory of a Festival: 026: Infest 2016”

Tuesday Ten: 224: Teenage Kicks

The teenage years – the hinterland between childhood and adulthood, where many find their voice, start to shape their own future and begin to form their musical and cultural tastes. The whole idea of the teenager, though, has changed over time, frequently thanks to cultural shifts and trends, and often there is an image of rebellion. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 224: Teenage Kicks”

Into the Pit: 123: Atari Teenage Riot – Live at the Garage – 29-February 2012

It can hardly have escaped any gig goers attention nowadays just how eye-watering the price of gig tickets has got of late. I’m not talking about arena gigs, which have always attracted a premium, but even mid-sized shows. When it has got to the point that it is rare for a signed band to be charging less than £15 – even in venues with a capacity in the low hundreds, we have a problem. So I’ll give a cautious welcome to the idea of the various drinks brands subsidising a handful of gigs, although less of a welcome to seeing booking fees actually exceeding or nearing the cost of the ticket.

Read more “Into the Pit: 123: Atari Teenage Riot – Live at the Garage – 29-February 2012”

Tuesday Ten: 095: Until Death (Us Do Part)

I’ve been thinking a lot about death of late. A friend sadly passed away on Sunday night after a long battle with illness, while in the musical world the death of Alex Chilton, frontman of Big Star, last week cast something of a shadow over SXSW – not least because he was due to play with his reformed band on Saturday night at the festival. The remainder of the band decided to go-ahead with the show, with a number of big alt-rock names assisting on vocals as something of a sweet tribute. And these events, not to mention the recent suicide of Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse, resulted in this week’s Tuesday Ten being about how the death of a member affects bands. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 095: Until Death (Us Do Part)”