Tuesday Ten: 290: Why Don’t You Get A Job?

I passed seven years working for the same employer recently (by some considerable distance the longest I’ve worked for one company in the two decades that I’ve had jobs), and while things haven’t always been plain sailing, currently I’ve got the kind of role I wanted. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 290: Why Don’t You Get A Job?”

Tuesday Ten: 135: A Night On The Town

I got wind over the weekend that the bar that I ran tcf in for five years is closing – initially it sounded like it was for good, but instead it’s apparently for a refurb that will see The Nelson in Sheffield close for eight weeks. So it feels like an appropriate time to look at songs about going out on the lash. Lets call this a concept Tuesday Ten. A night in the life. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 135: A Night On The Town”

Tuesday Ten: 045: Biting The Hand That Feeds

This week, it's time to turn inward a little – and look at songs written about the music industry. Needless to say, this kind of song is almost always written in a negative light (I can't think of any positive examples – if you can, I'd love to hear from you), and here are ten examples of this very craft. Any other suggestions – this list was a bloody hard one to collate – welcome as always. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 045: Biting The Hand That Feeds”

Tuesday Ten: 043: Sheffield

I listened to a radio show from last week that resulted in the inspiration for this week’s Tuesday Ten. And what was that show? It was Jarvis Cocker’s musical map of Sheffield, which was a fascinating guide through the Sheffield that Jarvis grew up in, and the music he was influenced by along the way – not all of which was Sheffield-based, but the majority was. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 043: Sheffield”