Continuing the process of wrapping up the last decade before it disappears too far into the rearview mirror, this is the second part of the best albums of the 2010s.

/Transmission/006/the a-z of industrial/e

The sixth part of Transmission, the a-z of industrial. This continues our look at industrial, and is this week all about bands beginning with “e”. It also features one of Daisy’s least favourite bands.

Talk Show Host: 046: beinaheleidenschaftsgegenstand

Trying to do a series on British Industrial has actually proven a little more difficult than I perhaps expected, partly my own fault due to issues with time and other commitments. But, following on from Talk Show Host: 043 with ded.pixel, I’m now continuing the series with a band with a near-unpronounceable name for many.

Talk Show Host: 045: Paradise Lost

While the release schedules are often clogged nowadays with anniversary re-issues, remasters and other ways to get us, the listeners, to shell out cash again for albums we already have, it isn’t often that what might be termed overlooked or controversial albums come in for the lavish re-issue treatment.

Countdown: 2017: Albums

Onto week three of Countdown: 2017 on amodelofcontrol.com, and this week I’m looking at the best albums of the year. Despite the move towards, it seems, streaming services and a more disjointed approach to listening, I still find that the albums of the year “award” remains the more important one, and it’s why it comes […]

Welcome to the Future: 019: Music news round-up 10-November 2017

I’m now in full-on “shit, what have I missed” mode on amodelofcontrol.com. This is as I’m frantically digging through everything I’ve written about this year, everything I’ve listened to, making sure that nothing really great is missing from the end of year round-up. It has happened before, where I’ve questioned later “how on earth did […]

Tuesday Ten: 314: Tracks of the Month (October 2017)

The final tracks of the month for this year, so this one is slightly longer than usual as I try and crowbar in as many songs as possible to clear the decks. That’s because we’re just weeks away from starting to round-up the year in music, and there’s been so much good stuff this year […]

But Listen: 157: International Industrial

Initially this year, I was left rather nonplussed by much of the music being released. I mean, much of it was good, but there was little that was really grabbing me. Things have changed, though, at least, and the problem in the second half of this year has been that great music has been coming […]

Tuesday Ten: 313: Tracks of the Month (October 1997)

Yes, it’s Wednesday, not Tuesday, and this features twelve songs. A day later than planned due to Whitby, of course, this is the very last look-back in my two-year series looking at 1996 and 1997. It has been an interesting delve into my musical past, and indeed has dredged up memories I’d long thought forgotten. […]

Welcome to the Future: 016: Music news round-up 13-October 2017

Back around to another Friday already, hurtling deep into Autumn here in the UK, with Christmas already looming on the horizon. But enough of distant holidays, let us talk about the music that is around right now, and there is a lot of it this week.

Welcome to the Future: 013: Music news round-up 22-September 2017

This week’s update comes to you fresh from amodelofcontrol.com attending it’s thirty-first gig of 2017 last night, which was the long-awaited London return of ex-Mansun frontman Paul Draper, at The Scala. It was notable for a few reasons, not least how long it is since he last toured (with Mansun), and how good the show […]