/Talk Show Host/054/Numb

There are occasions where a long-dormant artist resurfaces that genuinely surprise. Many bands split up, and in these nostalgic times, you can almost set your watch to them reforming at some point – but Numb is different. Despite being such an important project from their releases back in the nineties, Don Gordon clearly appeared to […]

Countdown: 2018: Albums

Onto week three of Countdown: 2018 on amodelofcontrol.com, and this week I’m looking at the best albums of the year. As I’m sure I’ve explained before, I treat the “year” as 01-December to 30-November, to allow me a cut-off point, and to allow this to be done and dusted before Christmas so that I can […]

Talk Show Host: 049: Freak Dream

After a period this summer where I’ve not really been able to post too much, I’m back now for the autumn with a whole host of (hopefully) interesting posts, articles and interviews for your reading pleasure. I’m starting that with an interview with a new band that is worth your time catching up with.

Talk Show Host: 046: beinaheleidenschaftsgegenstand

Trying to do a series on British Industrial has actually proven a little more difficult than I perhaps expected, partly my own fault due to issues with time and other commitments. But, following on from Talk Show Host: 043 with ded.pixel, I’m now continuing the series with a band with a near-unpronounceable name for many.

Talk Show Host: 045: Paradise Lost

While the release schedules are often clogged nowadays with anniversary re-issues, remasters and other ways to get us, the listeners, to shell out cash again for albums we already have, it isn’t often that what might be termed overlooked or controversial albums come in for the lavish re-issue treatment.

Welcome to the Future: 025: Music news and new release round-up 19-January 2018

Another Friday, another round-up. As always this is a look at upcoming releases, relevant music news and upcoming events and gigs worth spending some of your time at. It is by no means an exhaustive list, and I’m always on the lookout for more to include.

Welcome to the Future: 023: Music news and new release round-up 05-January 2018

The first Friday of 2018, and amodelofcontrol.com rumbles back into life. Starting with…this week’s round-up of music coming your way in 2018 (that’s relevant to this ‘site, anyway), and a look at what is coming next here, too. It’s all about the future. Well, mostly.

Welcome to the Future: 018: Music news round-up 03-November 2017

Back after a week away at Whitby, we return once again to the now-usual Friday round-up of new music, upcoming releases, events worth looking out for and other musical news stories I might have noticed in the meantime.