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amodelofcontrol.com has been live since 2004. Initially based in the north of England, since late 2009 in London, amodelofcontrol.com exists to talk about music.


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Adam W is the sole administrator and writer (with very occasional guest writers), covering broadly industrial music from across the world, but also crossing over into other related and unrelated areas of music as posts require.

Adam W began writing about music in his University days at King’s College London, starting as a music writer on the student newspaper ROAR in September 1996. Since then, he has written for a number of other publications and websites (notably Alternative Magazine and Connexion Bizarre), and is an occasional guest poster elsewhere.

In addition to his writing, Adam W is an accomplished gig and club photographer, and is also a well-known industrial/metal DJ, who used to run Sheffield nights the control frequency and Stormblast, and was involved with an occasional London industrial night called Rivet, which may yet return again. Otherwise he appears as a guest DJ across the UK, and occasionally beyond, on a regular basis.